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Imagine a life where you...

  • ​Know how you are here to contribute

  • Use your energy efficiently 

  • Make decisions with confidence 

  • Align with your energetic life purpose

  • Embrace your natural gifts and talents

  • Possess a guidebook for parenting & partnership

There are no quiz questions to answer!

All you need is your birth date, time, location and 2 minutes.



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Curious about how to implement Human Design

in real life?

Here are 25 stories of how women like you did exactly that... including me!

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1:1 Session Testimonials 

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Before my one on one with Jen I dove deep down the rabbit hole of human design... well I thought I dove deep.

The 1:1 session shed so much light on how I operate!

Jen really took the time to explain each aspect of the chart in detail; in a way that is easy to understand & implement.

Celestina Brunetti, 6/2 Ego Manifestor

Owner of Wellness Cucina

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My experience with Jen was LIFE CHANGING. She is extremely in tune with what you need to hear and the information she provided was incredibly detailed and easy to understand.

Human Design is a very intricate thing to learn about and while I was chatting with Jen I felt like I was rediscovering who I was without the overwhelm of trying to sort out HD on my own.

Brittany Schmidt, 1/3 Self Projected Projector

Owner of the Brittany Schmidt Real Estate Team

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