A beautiful life starts within.

I help you create alignment in

business and life by focusing on your environment, routines, and mindset, while incorporating Human Design, so you can achieve YOUR definition of success.


I'm Jen! CEO and Founder of Aligned Interiors Co., and Aligned Business & Lifestyle Mentor.


I help people take their lives from chaos to calm and I’m so glad you’re here.


Human Design Energetic Guide

Whether you are looking for alignment in business or life, my Recognition Guides will help you understand how you operate optimally in this world. We’ll explore your innate gifts, so you can thrive by being who you were created to be at your core.


Next Level Decluttering

I guide you through the process of decluttering and developing routines to create an environment that supports the next level self you are becoming. That way you control your stuff...and not the other way around.


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