I get it.

I still vividly remember the overwhelm of preparing a home for sale with two toddlers, a cat, and a dog.

Wanting to impress Buyers and the added stress of needing to sell our family home as a short sale in a Buyer's Market.


That was my first experience with home staging and understanding how to view our house as a product instead of our personal residence

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Fast forward to 2014.

I started my real estate career and learned with each transaction about the psychology of Buyers and Sellers, and what it actually takes to sell a home faster, for more money, and with less stress.

One thing I noticed during staging consultations was that over and over again, Sellers underestimate how much time and energy it takes to properly prepare a house for market.

They often met with a Realtor or Home Stager just a couple weeks before they were planning to sell when they really would benefit from at least two months of lead time to prepare.

Sellers were overextended and found themselves frustrated, spending too much money, or cutting corners...and leaving thousands of dollars on the table in the process.

Combining my personal experience, along with everything I learned as a Realtor and certified Home Stager, I created the 60 Days to Show Ready-Program

to empower Sellers to feel confident while preparing their home for sale.

What you get:

  • Access to the online home staging program, which includes 6 modules, 16 lessons total

  • 80 minutes of essential home staging information

  • An easy to implement framework

  • All Downloads and Checklists referenced in the program

  • Access to the 60 Days to Show-Ready exclusive online community, which INCLUDES additional home staging
    advice and support

   This program is for you if...    


You are going to be selling a home while still living in it. Especially with kids and pets.


You are struggling to figure out what to keep in each room of your home, what to pack away, and what to get rid of that no longer serves you.


You have a hard time figuring out furniture layout and flow, and other decorative elements.


You are not ready to have a Realtor or Home Stager in your home yet, but want to get ahead in the process.


You like a clear plan of action and checklists to help you along the way.


You and your partner need someone to help you get on the same page with how to prepare.


You want to make more money when you sell your home and have a less stressful transaction.

More about all you will learn from 60 Days to Show-Ready!

So many of my past clients were hesitant to have anyone in their homes until they decluttered or made some updates. The risk in this is they often didn't understand staging concepts when completing those projects or decluttering. The result was they put a lot of time, effort, and money in the wrong places and potentially removed items from the home that would be ideal to use in staging.

This is one of the reasons I decided to create the 60 Days to Show-Ready program...to educate home owners EARLY in the process and help them understand the why, what, and how of preparing a home for sale.

Another challenge I witnessed during the process of of staging consultations was that often only one decision maker attended the appoint. They would then attempt to share the information and recommendations later with their partner. Many times the partner wouldn't fully grasp the "why" behind the recommendations and would dismiss them to their own detriment.

I purposefully start the program with an explanation of 9 reasons why home staging is important and 7 lies Sellers tell themselves that can negatively impacts their results in selling a home. This helps everyone involved understand Buyer psychology and get on the same page when it comes to the staging process.

I created a clear process with the 5 Cs Framework of what to focus on first, next, and so forth. I also include checklists, the Whole House Scan packet, the Home Staging Family Contract, and The Ultimate Moving Labels.

Some of the checklists included are:

  • Red Flags to Buyers

  • The Big Moving Checklist

  • Moving Day Content Packing

  • Room-by-Room Contents

  • Room-by-Room Cleaning

  • Show Time

  • Maintaining


You will learn what the ideal contents of each space and room are for staging a house in a way that appeals to most Buyers. One of the lessons even walks you through the process of decluttering and deciding whether or not the items you are not keeping for staging are still serving you. This will give you clarity on what to keep for staging, what to take to your next home, and what to donate or sell.


There are also lessons in the program that cover what you need to know about décor as well as room layout visuals that give examples of appropriate furniture layouts for balance and flow.  PLUS I will share additional styling tips, décor links, and answer specific layout and décor questions in the EXCLUSIVE private group for those in the program.


Start early.

Have a plan.

Remember, Buyers gravitate towards a move-in ready home and the more they can see value in YOUR home, the more likely you will receive multiple offers.

More offers equals more options (and often more money!).

Preparing your home for sale with this program, even if you are unable to do every little thing, will increase your chances of selling faster, for more money, and with a less stressful transaction overall.

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