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Welcome to the Design Library!

This is a space where you can find video, audio, and written content created to help you learn even more about your unique Human Design at your own pace.


The Design Library is a great supplement to a 1:1 Session. It is also a wonderful way to learn more information about yourself, your children, or your partner if you aren't quite ready for the investment in Sessions at this time. 

Included in this growing resource are:

  • Information and contemplations about upcoming transits

  • Video and audio content on Human Design topics

  • Printable tools and resources


Examples of included content:

Gate and Channel Guide.JPG

This is a link to download the 66 page guide that contains a brief description of each of the 64 Human Design Gates and 36 Human Design Channels. They are organized by Center and in numerical order as well. This guide is available for purchase for those that don't belong to the Design Library here.

Determination Deep Dive.JPG

Determination is all about the conditions or circumstances under which you are designed to best take in nourishment and information. This deep divehas 13 videos so you can access just the information you need easily. You will learn what Determination is, why it is important, nourishment considerations for each of the 5 Human Design Energy Types, how each Determination best digests both food and information, plus tips to support yourself, or your child.

Emotional Wave Deep Dive.JPG

If you, or someone you are in relationship with, has Emotional Authority, understanding how the 7 different Emotional Wave Channels present themselves is an important part of learning your Human Design. This deep divehas 7 videos so you can access the information quickly and easily. Each video talks about the frequency of the emotional wave, along with the gifts and challenges that accompany it.

Authentic Exchanges Deep Dive.JPG

Learn how you are meant to authentically connect with others. Discover how you were Designed to cut through the overwhelm and know what to say when sharing a product, service, or experience with potential clients. 
This deep dive is one 36 minute video. This video dives into the nine Centers and how you can attract your ideal client by understanding where you experience growth, wisdom, and transformation... and inspire others to do the same by working with you!

Brain Mind Variable Deep Dive.JPG

The top left and right variables (arrows) on your Human Design Body Graph indicate a lot about how your brain and mind work together to take in, process, and retrieve information. Our current world is set up to support and serve strategic and focused individuals, but as you will learn that is not how most of us actually operate. This deep dive has 7 videos so you can access the information quickly and easily. 

Current Design Library Content

Design Library 1.JPG
Design Library 2.JPG
Design Library 3.JPG

Transit Information Example:

Upcoming Transit Exampe.JPG
Sun Transit.JPG
Sun Transit Paragraph.JPG
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