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1) Why did you decide to transition into coaching instead of continuing as a Realtor® and hands-on Home Stager?

I could see the need in both real estate and home staging to help empower Sellers to prepare their properties for market well in advance of being ready to sell. It truly helps everyone involved in the transaction, ESPECIALLY the Seller. This is why I created 60 Days to Show-Ready.

The part of real estate that lit me up most was seeing the positive impact that staging had on my clients and how they were excited to take what they learned and implement it into their new home. However, I realized over time that my past real estate clients were still struggling to understand how to best continue down the path of intentional living in their environments and often ended up back where they were with clutter and overwhelm. Look for my second program to tackle these challenges, Calm to Chaos, arriving Winter 2020

Finally, I have always been lit up by helping others succeed and decided it was time to obtain a formal Life and Success Coaching Certification in order to learn even more techniques to help clients hands-on in my 1:1 Organization and Empowerment Coaching Program. There we will have recurring sessions, which means you get the personal accountability and I am able to get feedback and see what is working well for you and what is not.


I had a desire to bring these programs to anyone they could benefit and knew I would not have the bandwidth to give my energy to the Aligned Interiors Co. programs and my family, while continuing to operate my brokerage and be in the field as a Realtor® and hands-on Home Stager.

2) Do you offer discounts? 

At this time, I offer Realtors® the ability to obtain a 25% off code to share with their friends, family, and clients.

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