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Are you ready to lean into your energetic gifts and discover more direction, fulfillment, & abundance as you grow your business?

In this 3 month mentorship, I teach you how to build your business in a way that is as effective, easy, and enjoyable as possible. 


I have been there.

I know how easy it is to lose your joy, passion, and become misaligned as you get overwhelmed in the day-to-day tasks of running your business.

You may be wondering how to truly contribute to your family and community in a way that feels authentic and satisfying to you at the end of the day.


You may be feeling drained and frustrated by all of the effort to keep up with how others are building their businesses... even though it doesn't feel aligned to you. 

I discovered that I have something unique to offer the world, and it started with being authentically aligned with my Human Design.

And I want that for you as well!


Why Human Design

You are eager to understand your unique gifts and desire to learn how you can live your life in alignment with more ease and flow.

Imagine a life where you...​

  • Understand how you are here to uniquely contribute

  • Correctly use your energy to attract aligned opportunities

  • Confidently make decisions that are correct for you

  • Experience regular joy, peace, satisfaction, and success

  • Are clear on your next tangible action steps to create results in your business

  • Embraced your natural gifts and talents

You are meant to feel the satisfaction, peace, and success of living up to your highest potential in the way you were created to thrive.

Celestina Brunetti_edited.jpg

As a manifestor I have an idea, but I also have a limited amount of energy to follow through with that idea. With those “failed launches” I was working like a generator or manifesting generator…going going going…because it’s the entrepreneur way…but for me it leads to burnout.

Since working with Jen, I’ve learned to work within my type; following my creative bursts is the best way for me to have energy, connect with others in a meaningful way, and really keep the ball rolling on my business.

Celestina Brunetti, 6/2 Ego Manifestor

Owner of Wellness Cucina


Untitled design (29).png

Hi! I'm Jen Allen.


In Human Design terminology, I am a Quad Right 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator with the Channel of Surrender, Channel of Inspiration, Channel of Openness, and Channel of Mating (it doesn't just mean what it sounds like...ha!).

I offer a combination of my 20+ years of business experience with my knowledge of the Human Design System to help you release resistance and thrive while while making an impact with your business.  


Through understanding and embodiment of your unique energetic strengths, I mentor you on how to create a business that is aligned with your Design.


This will allow you to:


  • make an impact in the world in a way that feels truly satisfying

  • feel more abundant in all areas of your life

  • find the flow and freedom that you crave

The women who will benefit most from this mentorship:

  • are ready to understand their energetics and purpose on a deep level.

  • are a life-long learners and recognize that transformation takes time to implement.

  • are committed to showing up for themselves and making space to experiment and embody what they learn.

When I discovered Human Design,
I felt more deeply seen and understood

than ever before in my life.

Learning more about my personal Human Design has encouraged me to continue being me; with a better self-awareness. I have a lot of  tolerance for pressure and stress, however I tend to take on the burdens of others too.


I’ve reframed my thoughts on making space in my day for the things that light me up as being selfish , and now look at this as a time of recharging to continue to give my energy to others. 

Allison Cassieri.PNG

Allison Cassieri, 1/4 Pure Generator

Owner of North Metro Realty

What We'll Cover


Immersion brings you back to these business basics from a fresh possibilities perspective. We can work on what you want, when you want. Think of this mentorship as a "choose your own adventure" journey.

Marketing and Sales

Attracting aligned clients so you
that feel authentic and in integrity
with how you sell your offerings.

  • Discover how to sell and market your services,
    products, or offers in an aligned way.


  • Creating and sharing content that connects with your ideal client.

  • Working with platforms and methods that resonate with you and releasing the rest.

Office Work

Business Operations

Working on, and in, your business so that you feel supported and able to serve your clients from a place of overflow.

  • Structuring your business to be in alignment
    with your purpose, energetics, and goals.


  • Exploring what works best for you with
    time management and task management.


  • Setting better boundaries with work, and
    learning how to support your energy, so that
    you can thrive in all areas of life.

Working From Home
Online Meeting

Product and Service Offerings

Developing offerings so that you feel grounded instead of overwhelmed with what you are contributing to others.

  • Recognizing which ideas and inspirations are correct
    for you to invest time, energy, and money on.


  • Identifying your unique differentiators for
    serving others.


  • Creating offers aligned with your energetics and
    connecting with your audience.

How to decide if Immersion is correct for you...


This is an in-depth and intimate offering and I only have space to mentor 5 women at a time. My intention is to give you support and truly tangible results, so it is important that this is also a good fit for you!

Lean into your inner Authority in deciding whether, or not, you will join this program at this time.


If you are not familiar with the basics of your Human Design and, most importantly, your Authority, I invite you to invite you to book a Skinny Dip Mini Session or a Quick Dip Foundational Session before you commit to the Immersion Business Mentorship.


In these 1:1 Sessions you will learn the foundation of your Human Design energetics and how to tap into your Authority to discover whether or not this investment in your business, and life, is a good fit for you.


It will also give us the opportunity to find out if our energetics work well together and if you find value in my style of teaching and mentoring.

Untitled design (1).png

What You Get

The Immersion Mentorship is a high-touch 1:1 experience and includes:

  • Four, 90 minute long, 1:1 Zoom Sessions so that you can get support every step of the way as I meet you where you are in your business. Book when YOU are ready for your next Session, anytime during our 3 month time together.

  • Voxer and email communication available Monday through Friday with 24 hour guaranteed response time so that you can get your questions answered for additional clarity and support on the go.

  • Personalized Human Design materials throughout the program so that you can receive even more guidance as you embody your Human Design with your marketing, sales, offerings, and business operations.

Brittany Schmidt_edited_edited.jpg

Leaning into my Design that Jen shared, and how to utilize it to my advantage, I feel more confident in my abilities and am able to cater how I work to best match my energy which leaves me feeling more in alignment overall!

Brittany Schmidt, 1/3 Self Projected Projector

Owner of the Brittany Schmidt Real Estate Team

I will guide you from feeling overwhelmed and
burned out to excited and aligned.

Your Investment

3 Month Mentorship Paid in Full - $1,400 (save $100!)



Prefer to pay monthly?


I offer a monthly payment option of $500 a month for three months to cover this 3 month mentorship program.

The first payment will occur when you book your first session with the program. The second payment will automatically be charged one month after your first payment and the third, and final, payment will be one month after the second.

Still have questions?


Your Immersion Mentorship starts whenever you are ready. I don't believe in pressuring you to make a decision that is not in agreement with your inner Authority.

Email me with any questions you have at
 or Voxer me at Aligned Interiors Co.

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