FLOW. That's my word for 2021.

If you have been following me for any part of my journey in 2020, you know how I feel about water (and hour long midday baths).

Water is life. In case you missed the memo.

We went snorkeling daily on vacation, which is one of the reasons we keep going to back to our favorite St. Thomas location.

My favorite place to watch fish is in the more shallow waters, close to shore where the waves are pulling and pushing them.

They are literally just going with the flow.

Not panicking and trying to swim back to where they were originally, or forward out of where they are being pulled naturally.

They are flowing with the present situation, trusting they will get where they are meant to go.

As someone who has spent the majority of my life hustling and grinding, 2020 was a true wake up call.

I do believe what is happening is for us, and not too us.

I am going to explore 2021 with more flowing and less forcing, trusting the bigger plan.

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