Determination: How to eat for more efficient nourishment.

How is your body designed to take in nourishment most efficiently? There are 12 different types of Determination in Human Design.

If you are following your Authority, you may already be intuitively eating according to your Determination.

Are you designed to absorb nutrients from your food better when the environment is calm and quiet or with a lot of action going on around you?

Is digestion more efficient for you if you eat big meals or if you eat smaller portions throughout the day?

My email series on Determination starts Monday. The first email will explain more about what Determination is, and is not, and how to find out your Determination for free.

Each email will have a video with valuable information and tips on one of the 12 Determinations.

After the email series, those videos will be available as a part of my Design Deep Dive this is your opportunity to get the information without a financial investment!

Sign up for the Design Skinny Dip emails at

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