Do you trust yourself?

Trust builds confidence.

Confidence that you are on the correct path, even when you literally can't see beyond the obstacle in front of you.

I want you to trust yourself and that starts with knowing yourself.

Knowing at a deep level.

Understanding that you have a purpose and are here to make an impact simply by honoring the unique being that you are.

It starts with learning how you can trust your decision making better.

Then putting it into practice.

Building that muscle.

Building that trust.

Building that confidence.

And, eventually, creating the life of ease and flow you were meant to enjoy and share with others.

No one else can do it for you.

But it sure helps to have someone else that is believes strongly enough in you to support you along the way.

FYI, I am not sure I would have made it down this run without @emilydonehoo being more confident in my capabilities than I was!

If you are ready to know yourself on a deeper level and start building trust and confidence, join me in Recognition, my free online community for women interested in learning about their Human Design and next level alignment.

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