Get out of your own way!

I use to get in my own way a lot.

I would be distracted by shiny object after shiny object, thinking each one would have the answer I was looking for.

I would say yes to things that weren't really correct for me and burn myself out following through with my commitment.

Or I would commit time and money to something and feel guilty when I didn't have the desire to do it anymore...or when it didn't work for me like it did the person selling it.

I spent a good amount of energy, time, and money searching for clarity, a plan, the magic bullet to reduce the constant pressure I felt to do ALL THE THINGS!

The thing is, there is a reason that some things work well for others in life and business that don't work for me.

And now I know WHY that is.

I am not like anyone else...and neither are you!

Your Human Design has a 1 in 2 Billion chance of being the exact same as another person's, and even then they don't have your lived experience to pull from.

Since learning my Human Design, I have clarity in my decision making, an understanding of what works and doesn't work for me, and let go of unhealthy stress and pressure.

My goal is to empower you to do the same and help you get out of your own way and start THRIVING!

Human Design is like every personal or professional development tool you have come across on steroids because it is specific to you and how you were uniquely designed to succeed in this world.

Start learning your Human Design for free on my web site by looking up your design and watching the videos on Energy Type and Authority. 💙