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Human Design Circuitry: Centering Circuitry

Updated: Mar 9

The series on circuitry continues with the focus on Human Design Centering Circuitry. Flowing through the Gates, Channels, and Centers in your Human Design BodyGraph are circuits of energy, each with their own flavor and purpose. I am sharing with you the significance of each of the circuits in Human Design so that you can have a better understanding of how all of our energy is necessary to create a harmonic existence.

The more people who are aware and in alignment with how they were created to thrive, before they were told how they "should" be, the more peacefully we can coexist. It is all about respecting that everyone is different and those differences are important to honor if we want less resistance and more ease and flow in our life.

You can look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of how you each uniquely contribute to the whole of humanity. Discover their Human Designs here for free! Read the introductory blog post on Human Design Circuitry here.

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The Centering Circuit: Empowerment & Mutation

The Centering Circuit is considered a minor circuit, but it is extremely important for those who have it because the Channels in this circuitry makes the rest of your energy even more individualistic. You are naturally here to empower others simply by being yourself, and your energy is contagious. It is all about the perfected behavior of love of self and love of spirit, and your energy has the ability to bust through the auras of others. You can influence them and bring them towards self-love simply by them being in your aura as you respond to what life brings you.

Human Design Centering Circuitry

This circuitry is purely generated since it emits from Gate 34 in the Sacral Center. Because it only includes the Sacral Center, G-Center, and Heart/Ego Center, it is only capable of sharing its process in response. There is no awareness from the Spleen, Ajna, or Solar Plexus, no communication from the Throat, and no adrenaline from the Root. You are here to be in response to life itself. It is less about what you are doing and more about who you are being. These two Channels have been referred to as a vortex; an energy that pulls others in and makes you extremely mutative force.

You long to impact others and can become lonely and melancholic if you are not in a position to be an inspiration and force for change in those around you. You desire to see others love themselves, follow their unique paths, and fully enjoy all life has to offer. You are here to be a living example of a fully individuated life that is authentic. When others witness you living in alignment, or centered, you empower them to transform, grow, and love themselves. This is an individual energy that can mutate others within the tribe to care about themselves, which ultimately brings mutation that benefits the tribe and collective as well.

Centering Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Initiation (Gate 51 to Gate 25) - Heart to G-Center

Channel of Exploration (Gate 34 to Gate 10) - Sacral to G-Center

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Centering Circuitry

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