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Human Design Circuitry: Collective Circuitry

Updated: Mar 8

Next up, we are exploring the energy of the Collective Circuit. If you would like to start at the beginning of this series, I recommend to you start with this blog post. Also, you can quickly look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of the type of energy you each carry for here (for FREE!): Discover Your Design.

The Collective Circuit: Sharing

As you can see by the keynote of "sharing" above, if you have Collective Circuitry, you feel joy when telling others what you think, experience, or have judged to be of value or not. This circuitry is very social in nature and concerned with the survival of humanity as a whole. The sharing of opinions, solutions, challenges, criticism, and discoveries is not personal, and it is not expected to be reciprocated. In order for this sharing to be transformative and valuable to others, is to learn to “read the room.” Before sharing what you have learned through your own experience, wait to be asked for your input and it will be much more well-received and effective.

Collective circuitry is focused on society and drives evolution foreword by determining what is good for the majority instead of focusing on what is best for specific Individuals. This is how we determine what patterns work best on a larger scale. IT is the basis for the creation of rules of countries, the acceptance of the same currency, and the creation of public institutions.

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If you have Collective Circuitry, you may find you are suspicious of those who won’t conform and don’t trust the loyalty and bargaining requirements of specific groups. However, each new mutation to evolve humanity starts with the Individual Circuitry, who are not conforming and, if it is found valuable, it is brought into the Tribe as a benefit to their specific group. Then, through storytelling and sharing of ideas, experiments, and experiences, it is brought to a larger group through the Collective. Everything we accept as the norm was once a radical seeming strange idea that started with Individual Circuitry.

With this energy, you are not as focused on the now moment and more interesting in the past and the future, preferring to keep what a appears to be working with the idea that it will create stability. The reason you prefer to keep what you sense is working is because you see patterns and from those patterns you may either enjoy reflecting on the lessons from the past or using your awareness to share the possibilities you see for the future. Depending on your unique Design, you may have strong elements of both!

Collective Circuitry really shines in times of chaos and crisis, as these individuals are here to lead the species through the challenges to safety. You are here to create the structures that ensure evolution and the ongoing abundance of humanity. You do this through sharing your stories, ideas, and advice (which may be taken as criticism, especially when it hasn’t been invited). Remember, we are all having a human experience, but that doesn’t mean we are having this same human experience. One person’s collective sharing may vary quite differently from your own experience and opinions because you are each highly differentiated beings with your own lived experiences, motivations, and perspectives.

When you have Collective Circuitry energy, you are interested in the big picture and making a broad impact, and the way you do this will be dependent on your Collective sub circuitry. The two sub circuits are the Logic, or Understanding, Circuit and the Abstract, or Sensing, Circuit which we will cover in future emails about this series.

Collective Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Judgement (Gate 58 to Gate 18) - Root to Spleen

Channel of the Wavelength (Gate 48 to Gate 16) - Spleen to Throat

Channel of Logic (Gate 63 to Gate 4) - Head to Ajna

Channel of Acceptance (Gate 17 to Gate 62) - Ajna to Throat

Channel of The Alpha (Gate 7 to Gate 31) - G-Center to Throat

Channel of Rhythm (Gate 5 to Gate 15) - Sacral to G-Center

Channel of Concentration (Gate 52 to Gate 9) - Root to Sacral

Channel of Recognition (Gate 41 to Gate 30) - Root to Solar Plexus