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Human Design Circuitry: Ego Circuitry

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

We are in the middle of an educational series on circuitry and below we are focusing in on Human Design Ego Circuitry. My hope is that by providing you with insights into the different themes of energy within the BodyGraph, you will learn more about how you are created to contribute your part to the overall energy of humanity.

You can also use this information to help understand those around you better, even if it only means recognizing that different people bring different energies to the whole... each plays an important role. If you haven't received the first several emails in this series, and would like to start at the beginning, I have turned the introductory email in this series into a blog post you can read here.

Quickly look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of the type of energy you each carry for here (for FREE!): Discover Your Design.

The Ego Circuit: Support

The Ego Circuit is a sub circuit of the Tribal Circuit. It is where we find the energy of business, sales, money, ambition, resource management, resource allocation, marriage, other social contracts, and bargaining. The resources, structure, and agreements derived from this energy create the foundation of the community, group, or family so that it can be sustained for generations. It is where we find the energy for capitalism as well as socialism and communalism. When looking at the BodyGraph, you can see that Ego Circuitry protectively surrounds the other Tribal sub circuit, the Defense Circuit.

When you have this energy active in your Human Design, you are interested in value and exchanges. You seek to serve and support others in a way that benefits everyone involved. You have a source of willpower when it comes to working in the material world. It is the will to go into the world and put forth effort to provide to those in your family or community in exchange for a well-deserved rest. You are willing to sacrifice and come together with others as a group in order to maintain the growth and well-being of your community.

There is creativity within this energy and the ability to bring agreements into material form when the timing is correct. The creative channel in this circuitry is the Channel of Surrender (44-26) and it is all about the art of enterprise. The heart is a muscle and needs both work and rest to function optimally. The Channel of Surrender in particular is geared toward working until you have enough resources so that you only need to work when you want to work. This gives you plenty of time to rest and recharge.

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The Ego Center, or Heart Center, is a muscle and does require a balance of both work and rest. It can't keep going indefinitely. If you have your Sacral Center connected to your Ego Circuitry, the Sacral Center can overpower the natural rhythm of work and rest, which can potentially lead to burnout. The work and rest cycle will also be affected if your Ego Circuitry energy is attached to the emotional waves of the Solar Plexus. In this case, the amount of energy you have to expend for work at any given time can be impacted by both your emotional highs and lows.

Human Design Ego Circuitry

The support within this circuitry is both material and emotional. It is interesting to note that those Channels associated with ambition in business, sales, and resource management are not connected to the Solar Plexus, so these are not energies with an emotional component. Those Channels that have energy for agreements, marriage, and business deals are emotionally based and do connect to the Solar Plexus. Therefore, it is extremely important to wait for clarity in these areas, and timing is extremely important.

In addition to wanting to be valued for the work you do, and seeking a balance between work and rest, you may find you enjoy working in groups more than alone. You tend to like making trade-offs and bargains, as well as communing with others. You prefer to get up close and personal with others so you can sense whether or not you belong in each other's tribe. This energy is associated with a sense of smell and being able to sniff out who, and what, is correct for you to trust. Touch is another a way that you get to know others and establish a sense of community through handshakes or hugs, depending on the situation. Because the energy of this circuitry is very focused on resources, your top worries likely are around having enough food, money, and affection.

Ego Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Transformation (Gate 54 to Gate 32) - Root to Spleen

Channel of Synthesis (Gate 19 to Gate 49) - Root to Solar Plexus

Channel of Surrender (Gate 44 to Gate 26) - Spleen to Heart

Channel of Community (Gate 37 to Gate 40) - Solar Plexus to Heart

Channel of the Money Line (Gate 21 to Gate 45) - Heart to Throat

Human Design Ego Circuitry

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