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Human Design Circuitry: Integration Channels

Updated: Mar 9

The pathways you see on the Human Design Bodygraph that flow through the Gates, Channels, and Centers are what we refer to as Circuitry. Through Circuitry, we can see how society functions as a whole and understand even better how we contribute using our own energy.

Knowing this is not necessary to becoming aligned with your design, but can add a deeper dimension to your understanding. There are the Integration Channel and 3 main circuits: Individual, Tribal, and Collective. Within the 3 main circuits are 6 sub-circuits: Centering, Knowing, Defense, Ego, Understanding (Logical) and Sensing (Abstract).

I am going to share information about the Integration Channel to kick us off. Get comfy and pull up your chart to see what Gates and Channels you have with Integration Circuitry!

How "big" these Gates and Channels will fee to you consciously will likely have to do with if they are black (or conscious parts of your personality/mind) or red (unconscious parts of your body/design), as well as if they are part of your Incarnation Cross (the combination of your conscious and unconscious Sun and Earth Gates) and full Channels vs. hanging Gates.

But first, some refresher information:

Gates: Gates are the numbers lit up, or activated, on your chart. You experience all 64 Gates to some degree, but the active Gates are energies you feel consistently, and they give insight into your gifts, strengths, personality, challenges, and themes in relationships. We are often attracted to people that have the other half of our hanging Gates through electromagnetic attraction.

Channels: Channels are formed with two Gates join together and define the Centers on both sides. This allows for communication between the Centers and create the Definition in your Design. Whichever of the 36 Channels you have indicate consistent aspects of your energy and natural strengths within you.

Centers: Centers are the geometric shapes on the BodyGraph representing different parts of your life and the energies related to them. Your Centers will either be filled in with color (Defined) or white (Undefined). Defined Centers experience fixed and consistent energies within you that radiates out to impact others. Undefined Centers have inconsistent energy and are where you take in and amplify energy from others.

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Integration Channel: Self-Empowerment

You are here to live in the now and your greatest life lessons are learning to embrace self-love and put yourself first because the Gates and Channels within this group are focused on self-preservation. This is not something that is readily celebrated in our current society, and you may find you feel guilty whenever you focus “too much” on you. This is a healthy form of selfishness that we don't often sense is appreciated, but it is so important to honor because you are meant to contribute through individuation. By doing your own thing, in your self-empowered way, you help all of us evolve.

Human Design Integration Channels

Some teachings refer to the Integration Channel as the Integration Circuit and claim it is a sub-circuit of Individual Circuitry. I, however, agree with the teachings that it is an entirely separate energetic part of the system based on the uniqueness with which its Channels operate. It is considered quite esoteric, and many find it challenging to comprehend. It is true that this energy is highly individual in nature, but the way it presents itself is quite different from the rest of the Individual Circuitry.

You can think of the Human Design Integration Channel as the backbone of the BodyGraph. It is the foundation of our energy that distinguishes us as separate from each other and fuels the evolution of humanity. You will notice there is a lot of complexity here with Channels and Gates overlapping which doesn't happen anywhere else in the BodyGraph.

To fully lean into your gifts and talents, you need to follow your own unique path and embrace your primal impulse to survive and thrive. You have the capacity for deep self-love, and you do best when listening to your intuition in the now. You are someone who expresses with self-assuredness, and you don’t tend to seek out or accept direction from others. If you have this energy, you need ample time in your own space and the ability to reflect on your inner world as you integrate what it means to be human.

Integration Channels:

Channel of Power (Gate 57 to Gate 34) - Sacral to Spleen

Channel of Charisma (Gate 34 to Gate 20) - Throat to Sacral

Channel of Awakening (Gate 10 to Gate 20) - Throat to G-Center

Channel of Perfected Form (Gate 57 to Gate 10) - G-Center to Spleen

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Integration Channels

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