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Human Design Circuitry: Knowing Circuitry

Updated: Mar 9

We are continuing the circuitry series and digging into Human Design Knowing Circuitry. By understanding the energy within the circuits, you can see how we all come together with our unique Designs to contribute our piece of the puzzle to the whole of humanity. In order to have a harmonic existence we need people in alignment, and benefitting the collective, by being true to themselves and not trying to change or be like everyone else.

This is why learning about your own Human Design is important. By understanding you were given the energy to perfectly play your role (note, I did not say "be perfect"), you receive permission to relax into who you have always known you were deep down. You don't have to keep forcing, pushing, and pretending to be something you are not! Detangling from all the conditioning you have received from parents, teachers, bosses, friends, and societal messaging can take time, so be patient with yourself and trust that it will be worth it to feel the ultimate in satisfaction, success, peace, and joyful surprise with life.

You can look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of the type of energy they carry. Discover their Human Designs here for free! Start this series with the blog post you can read here.

The Knowing Circuit: Empowerment

When you have Knowing Circuitry, a sub circuit of Individual Circuitry, activated in your Human Design you are someone who is here to truly live as yourself and you experience a deep intuitive knowing. This knowing ebbs and flows and often you don't fully know something until you are in the moment. This is one reason why timing is everything for you. This circuit runs through two Energy Centers that are concerned with timing, the Spleen and the Solar Plexus. The Spleen is all about the now moment and taking action when the timing is correct and the Solar Plexus is about waiting for clarity when making an energetic, or emotional, external expression. This energy also runs through the Root Center which operates on a pulse and gives you the adrenaline to push a transformation, or mutation, out and so that you can be the guiding force for change.

You can be quite passionate, unpredictable, and creative as you naturally bring something fresh and new into the world. It is important to wait the right timing to share what you know or else you may struggle to feel understood. You are already perceived as different from others and, if you have trouble with sharing your individual knowing effectively, this can be a very lonely path. It is also often challenging because you are here to empower others but may never know when it has actually happened. Trust that you have the ability to mutate both the Tribe (your family, friends, co-workers, community) and the Collective (greater society) when the timing is correct. This transformation happens as others simply observe how you life your live in alignment with your energy and recognize you for your unique way of being. Knowing Circuit energy is also deeply acoustic, so you also pay attention to what you hear in conversation with others to help you recognize the right timing to sharing your inner knowing.

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One of the Channels in the Knowing Circuit is aptly known as the Channel of Struggle. All mutation has to struggle against what is commonly accepted to prove it is truly worthwhile and effective. One of the struggles that come up for those with the Knowing Circuit is that there is no logic behind what you share. There is no framework for others to explore. This existential knowing takes place in the now and the other person may often tend not to "get it" right away. True knowing comes over time, but this initial inspiration occurs in a moment. Another challenge with this circuit is that it inherently comes with moodiness and melancholy as a part of the energy, and if you are unaware of this you can spend a lot of time trying to fix, numb, or shame your moods instead of honoring that they are a part of the mutative and individual knowing process. Finally, this is not a very nurturing energy because you are often lost in your own transformation and can be quite oblivious of what others are doing and how they are perceiving you. Being lost in your own thoughts, insights, and feelings can impede your ability to listen to others unless you are in the mood to do so.

Human Design Knowing Circuitry

Remember if you, or someone you love, has activations in the Knowing Circuit you are here to be different from others and celebrate that uniqueness. Sometimes you may feel like an outsider because others see you as unusual and that can feel uncomfortable in a world that prizes homogenization. As you learn to explain yourself more clearly, you will begin to see you have an important role to play. You aren't here to fit in. You are here to march to the beat of your own drum and inspire others to do the same just by being true to who you are. Those who are here to be impacted and empowered by you will appreciate all you have to offer as your fully differentiated self.

Knowing Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Awareness (Gate 61 to Gate 24) - Head to Ajna

Channel of Structuring (Gate 43 to Gate 23) - Ajna to Throat

Channel of Openness (Gate 22 to Gate 12) - Throat to Solar Plexus

Channel of Inspiration (Gate 1 to Gate 8) - Throat to G-Center

Channel of Emoting (Gate 39 to Gate 55) - Solar Plexus to Root

Channel of Struggle (Gate 38 to Gate 28) - Spleen to Root

Channel of The Beat (Gate 14 to Gate 2) - Sacral to G-Center

Channel of Mutation (Gate 60 to Gate 3) - Root to Sacral

Channel of The Brainwave (Gate 57 to Gate 20) - Throat to Spleen

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Knowing Circuitry

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