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Human Design Circuitry: Tribal Circuitry

Updated: Mar 9

Welcome back to the continuation of my circuitry series, where I am briefly teaching you about the energy flowing through the Human Design Bodygraph so that you can better understand how your energy contributes to the whole of humanity. Below we are going to dig into Human Design Tribal Circuitry.

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The Tribal Circuit: Support

Tribal circuitry is all about the interdependence of people in groups, including family, friends, and neighbors. Within the tribe we find social structures that provide a sense of security and financial support. This is the energy to transmit values, allocate and manage resources. create contracts and agreements, and the process of reproduction and raising children. It is all about living together to increase productivity and protect ourselves. When you think of the support of the tribe, think of preparing food, conducting business, education, and sexuality.

Human Design Tribal Circuitry

If you have Tribal definition, you long to be part of a community or group. You care about others and feel responsibility for those in your circle. You will do what it takes to support your tribe. This is all about utilizing resources well so that you all have a better chance for survival. Good business decisions result in access to more resources and how you manage those resources you have will determine the strength of your community. These resources include food, shelter, clothing, and structures.

There is no logic in the Tribal Circuit and, if you have this circuitry, you are willing to make some self-sacrifices and work hard for the good of the tribe. In its low expression, those with activations in this circuit can become co-dependent and put the needs of others before their own. It is also quite normal for those with Tribal Circuitry to be suspicious of those who are not part of their particular tribe because they are seen as a threat to the tribe’s established order and competition for resources. Those with Individual Circuitry that also have tribal energy will share innovations with their tribe that they believe will empower it to survive and thrive. If the tribe sees those innovations have value, they will adopt them, which aids in our overall evolution as humans.

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In order to support each other well in communities, it is important to have agreements about the rules and values. These bargains, or deals, have to do with fairness and trade-offs. They center around how you will assist children as they grow into adulthood and also include religious beliefs, contracts for marriage, divorce, business deals, and treaties among groups of people. The tribal structure is held together through loyalty to a hierarchy. If you have tribal circuitry, you also need to feel a sense of solidarity and reciprocal support with those in your tribe which is often displayed through hugs, handshakes, traditions. The energy for protecting the tribe and going to war if resources are threatened is also housed within this circuitry. Those with activations in the tribal circuit also can be competitive and often want to be smarter, stronger, and more skilled than others so that they can access more resources and have higher status.

Tribal Circuitry is made up of two sub circuits, The Ego Circuit and The Defense Circuit, which I will share about in future posts.

Tribal Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Transformation (Gate 54 to Gate 32) - Root to Spleen

Channel of Synthesis (Gate 19 to Gate 49) - Root to Solar Plexus

Channel of Surrender (Gate 44 to Gate 26) - Spleen to Heart

Channel of Community (Gate 37 to Gate 40) - Solar Plexus to Heart

Channel of the Money Line (Gate 21 to Gate 45) - Heart to Throat

Channel of Mating (Gate 59 to Gate 6) - Sacral to Solar Plexus

Channel of Preservation (Gate 27 to Gate 50) - Sacral to Spleen

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Tribal Circuitry

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