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Human Design: Energy of February Gate Transits

Updated: Mar 9

During February we will experience the energy of the Sun transiting through Human Design Gate 19, 13, 49, 30, 55, and 37. Each of these transits changes the background frequency we all experience. Below are brief descriptions on how these energies show up if you have these Gates activated in your Human Design BodyGraph. Click on the Gate numbers above to find out how the transit energy can impact us as a collective.

Many of these Gates can be found in the Solar Plexus Center, which is one of three awareness centers in our charts. It is the Center that houses the emotional waves and where you find social and relational awareness. Check out this blog post​  for more information on the Solar Plexus and the fears that show up as types of nervousness in each of the Gates.

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Human Design February Gate Transits

Human Design Gate 19

Gate 19: Wanting

Center: Root

Circuit: Tribal (Support)​

Sub Circuit: ​Ego

Lines: 19.1 - Interdependence 19.2 - Service 19.3 - Dedication 19.4 - The Team Player 19.5 - Sacrifice 19.6 - The Recluse

If you have Gate 19 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you are aware of which resources are needed and being withheld from your family and community. These include food, shelter, sexual and spiritual resources. You are also sensitive to what others need to thrive and achieve their full potential. If you turn this pressure inward, you may become oversensitive and needy, as you want to feel like you are an integral part of a group. Relationships are important to you, but so is making sure your needs are being met as well.

Human Design Gate 49

Gate 13: The Listener

Center: G-Center

Circuit: ​Collective (Sharing)​

Sub Circuit: ​Abstract/Sensing​ 


13.1 - Empathy

13.2 - Bigotry

13.3 - Pessimism

13.4 - Fatigue

13.5 - The Savior

13.6 - The Optimist

If you have Gate 13 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, people see you as a confidante and someone who genuinely wants to hear the stories, experiences, secrets, and lessons they have to share. You store what you have seen and heard and only feel drawn to share it with people who have the ability to reflect and organize this information in a way that can benefit the community, such as someone with Gate 33. You play a part in making sure the important lessons learned through the lived experiences of others contribute to a successful future for a larger group that benefits from this information.

Human Design Gate 61

Gate 49: Principles

Center: Solar Plexus

Circuit: Tribal (Support)​

Sub Circuit: ​Ego


49.1 - The Law of Necessity 49.2 - The Last Resort 49.3 - Popular Discontent 49.4 - Platform 49.5 - Organization 49.6 - Attraction

If you have Gate 49 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you have high standards to what you find acceptable and unacceptable and can be very black and white in your thinking. The people you accept to your group are those who share your common values and are willing to stand by you. Once they are accepted, there is a loyalty-based bond that is constantly being reevaluated. You may change your mind and reject those that are no longer in alignment or are not giving and receiving fairly. You are in tune with the needs of those in your community and will work to protect and support them. You tend to dislike unpredictability and fear rejection. 


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Human Design Gate 30

Gate 30: Feelings

Center: Solar Plexus

Circuit: ​Collective (Sharing)​

Sub Circuit: ​Abstract/Sensing​ 


30.1 - Composure

30.2 - Pragmatism

30.3 - Resignation

30.4 - Burnout

30.5 - Irony

30.6 - Enforcement

If you have Gate 30 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you have a deep desire to experience all life has to offer and are very passionate about it. Find balance by letting go of the fear of what may or may not happen in your life and surrendering to the idea that what is going to be will be. When you follow your Strategy and Authority, and get clear on your desire, you enter into the experiences that are correct for you. Be careful of setting high expectations because you don’t have control over outcomes, only how you enter experiences. Your reflections on the feeling of desiring deeply and the experiences of being human are a gift to share with others.


Human Design Gate 55

Gate 55: Spirit

Center: Solar Plexus

Circuit: ​Individual​ (Empowering)

Sub Circuit: ​Knowing​ 

Lines: 55.1 - Cooperation 55.2 - Distrust 55.3 - Innocence 55.4 - Assimilation 55.5 - Growth 55.6 - Selfishness

If you have Gate 55 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you have the energy of abundance which is based on your feelings and mood in the moment. Abundance isn’t just material, but also emotional, relational, and spiritual. You are meant to flow with life and not against it. Honor your moods and embrace being in the present. If you are not in the mood to do something, it is not healthy for you to do it. Your most creative time is when you are deeply melancholic, which you are naturally prone to feeling. How your spirit feels is not open to comparison, debate or influence by others.


Human Design Gate 37

Gate 37: Friendship

Center: Solar Plexus

Circuit: Tribal (Support)​

Sub Circuit: ​Ego

Lines: 37.1 - The Mother/Father 37.2 - Responsibility 37.3 - Evenhandedness 37.4 - Leadership by Example 37.5 - Love 37.6 - Purpose

If you have Gate 37 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you enjoy bringing people together and want them to experience harmony. You make emotional connections with others through touch and hold your family and community together with your nurturing nature, warmth, and friendliness. You may be the peacekeeper in group social interactions and are often the one welcoming others to the group or checking on someone who is not fitting in. You are also willing to bargain when making deals, exchanging resources, and delegating the assets of the group. Planning and preparing food is part of how you nurture others.


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