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Human Design: Fears of the Solar Plexus Center Gates

Updated: Mar 9

Human Design Fears of the Solar Plexus Center Gates

It is important to distinguish between fear, logical reasoning, and your internal Authority. This is especially true because your Authority doesn't always lead you down the quick and easy route...or the route that makes the most sense to others. It leads you down the route that will give you the expansion, transformation, and results you need to experience at this time.

Pull up your Human Design Chart and look at your Solar Plexus Center (the large triangle on the lower right side of your chart).

The Solar Plexus is one of our three Awareness Centers, as well as a Motor Center, and the fears within it manifest as nervousness. This is the Center of social awareness and relational awareness.

If your Solar Plexus Center is defined (colored in), you are a naturally emotional person with consistent emotions that must not be resisted or controlled. This can be challenging, but is important because if you have a defined Solar Plexus Center you also have Emotional Authority. It is in riding your emotional wave(s) that you’ll experience clarity in your decision making.

If it is undefined (white), your emotions can be vulnerable to the conditioning of emotional ups and downs of others, and you can find you amplify the emotions of those around you. When unaware you may identify with the emotional wave of others, and try to give reason to emotions that aren't yours. You may avoid conflict at truth. As you become aware of your can become wise with emotional awareness.

Notice if any of your Gates are activated. There will be a red line (unconscious) a black line (conscious) or a combination of both a red and black line. If you experience one of the fears associated with the Human Design Solar Plexus Center Gates regularly, but DON'T have that Gate active in your Design, you may find it helpful to look up your parents', spouse's, or close friend's Designs. It is very possible that you are taking on this conditioning from someone else in one of your undefined Gates.

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Gate 36: Crisis | Fear: Inadequacy

You experience nervousness that you are inadequate and unable to fulfill your expectations for yourself, as well as feel fear around vulnerability and inexperience. You may struggle with the desire to find an experience in which to release your emotions. You can often feel like you are in the midst of personal crisis without an appropriate outlet for this energy, especially if you don't have Gate 35 active in your Throat Center.

Gate 22: Openness | Fear: Silence

You experience nervousness that others won't listen to you, the right people aren't around to converse with, or that there is nothing worthwhile to listen to and provide intellectual growth. You may struggle with the desire to speak in a way that articulates and empowers others with the depth of your emotional spirit, especially if you don't have Gate 12 active in your Throat Center.

Gate 37: Friendship | Fear: Tradition

You experience nervousness about taking on the traditional roles in life and fear that not maintaining traditions will result in the erosion and destruction of your family or community. You may struggle with the need to find those with the resources for your tribe so that you can bargain with them and distribute those resources to your community, especially if you don't have Gate 40 active in your Heart Center.

Gate 6: Friction | Fear: Intimacy

You experience nervousness around revealing who you really are and bonding with others intimately. You may struggle with the desire to be comfortable with deep intimacy and sexual bonding with a mate without the ability to break down the barriers necessary, especially if you don't have Gate 59 active in your Sacral Center.

Gate 49: Principles | Fear: Nature

You experience nervousness around unpredictability and the consequences of that uncertainty as well as nervousness that your principles will be rejected by your family or community. You may struggle with fully understanding what is needed by your tribe to survive and thrive, especially if you don't have Gate 19 active in your Root Center.

Gate 55: Spirit | Fear: Emptiness

You experience nervousness around not knowing what to be passionate about or these sense that there is a lack of passion in your life, making it an empty emotional experience. You may struggle with melancholy combined with the inability to perceive your moods and spirit for yourself, especially if you don't have Gate 39 active in your Root Center. Gate 30: Feelings | Fear: Fate

You experience nervousness around what may or may not happen and the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect as outcomes of the experiences you enter into. You may struggle with the pressure to chase after fantasies and deep desires, and creating expectations around those dreams, especially if you don't have Gate 41 activated in your Root Center.

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