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Human Design: Fears of the Spleen Center Gates

Updated: Mar 9

Human Design Fears of the Spleen Center Gates

The Spleen Center is one of our three awareness centers, along with the Ajna and Solar Plexus. Within this Center we experience body consciousness including our sense of health and well-being. It is associated with our immune system, values, spontaneity, and fear. As the oldest awareness center, the fears rooted in the Spleen come from a primal place and need for survival. These fears may be experienced in the body as fight, flight, freeze, or faun reactions.

Remember that your undefined Gates are where you are most open to being impacted from other people. Your parents, spouse, or others in your environment may be prone to fears that are not consistent to your energy and you may find you have taken on some fears as conditioning from them that you can become aware of and set boundaries around.

Pull up your Human Design Chart and look at your Spleen Center (the large triangle on the lower left side of your chart).

If your Spleen Center is defined (colored in), you have consistent access to your intuition and use your senses to be aware and alert in the now. You have radical self-trust and know logically something is risky, but also know you are safe, and also have a strong, healthy immune system. This means you also have the capacity to push past feeling unwell until you end up really sick.

If it is undefined (white), you have a sensitive immune system and heightened awareness of sickness and possible danger. You are more likely to take in and amplify other’s fears, and you may find yourself searching for safety or needing to create “safety nets” as you take in those fears. You may find it challenging to let go of things that are no longer good for you, especially if you associate them with safety.

Notice if any of your Gates are activated. There will be a red line (unconscious) a black line (conscious) or a combination of both a red and black line. If you experience one of the fears associated with the Human Design Spleen Center regularly, but DON'T have that Gate active in your Design, you may find it helpful to look up your parents', spouse's, or close friend's Designs. It is very possible that you are taking on this conditioning from someone else in one of your undefined Gates.

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Gate 48: Depth | Fear: Inadequacy

You experience the fear that you don't know enough, or have the ability to come up with the right solution in the moment, and this can lead you to not trusting the true depth of your knowledge. You may struggle wanting to obtain more skills or thinking that if you just had a certain level of mastery in explaining your depth you would be better off, especially if you don't have Gate 16 active in your Throat Center.

Gate 57: Intuitive Insight | Fear: The Future

You experience fear of what the future will bring, and if you will be safe, secure, and provided for. This can hold you back from listening to your intuition and taking decisive action in the moment, especially if you don't have Gate 20 active in your Throat Center.

Gate 44: Alertness | Fear: The Past

You experience the fear of repeating past patterns that were challenging and that you will not be able to survive as a result of lack of money, food, or shelter if this past baggage catches up to you. You may sense that you don't have the willpower to act on your instinctive awareness in a way that will ensure your survival, especially if you don't have Gate 26 active in your Heart Center.

Gate 50: Values | Fear: Responsibility

You experience fear of taking responsibility for another person in a physical and material sense, and this can result in the avoidance of having children, getting married, or staying close to family. You may also struggle with taking too much responsibility for taking care of others that you are not meant to, especially without Gate 27 active in your Sacral Center.

Gate 32: Continuity | Fear: Failure

You experience a fear of failure that holds you back from doing what you want to do, and feel unsupported, fearing there are not enough resources for everyone or other professionals that are at the same caliber as you who can support your business goals. This scarcity-based fear can come from a lack of access to consistency in your drive or ambition, especially without Gate 54 active in your Root Center.

Gate 28: The Game Player | Fear: Death/Life with No Purpose

You experience the fear that life has no purpose unless you take risks and death without discovering what gives life meaning and makes the struggle worth it, beyond survival. You may feel pressure to take unnecessary risks resulting in exhaustion or resistance as you look for clues to what makes life worthwhile, especially without Gate 38 active in your Root Center.

Gate 18: Correction | Fear: Authority

You experience fear that those in authority, such as leaders, parents, or teachers, may not have your best interests in mind and, therefore, could use their influence or power to harm you. Because of this, you analyze everything deeply and may challenge authority when they tell you how things should be done. This analyzing and correcting of things can also become a fear of being judged by others and result in paralysis from pressure to do all things perfectly since you inevitably find fault in yourself and others.

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