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Human Design Gate 11 Sun Transit

Updated: Mar 9

Next up on the Sun's journey through through the Gates is Gate 11, the Gate of Ideas. If you have Gate 11 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you have a continuous flow of ideas and can plant seeds of inspiration for those around you. Much of the time, this energy isn’t meant to be used for yourself but as possibilities for others to consider. Ideally you will wait for the correct timing to share these conceptualizations so that they are well received. Otherwise, you may end up bitter, frustrated, angry, or disappointed that those ideas have gone to waste. Check with your Strategy and Authority to tell if you are meant to act on your ideas or if they are for someone you know. If your Personality Sun is in Gate 11, your Incarnation Cross will be either the Right Angle Cross of Eden 4, the Juxtaposition Cross of Ideas, or the Left Angel Cross of Education 2.

Check out ​this blog post​ for a high level overview of all the Gates the Sun will transit in December. Read more about what I am referring to by the transits ​here​ in my post on the Human Design Gate 9 Sun Transit. Join my email community for informative Human Design emails and updates to my offerings.

Human Design Gate 11

Gate 11: Ideas

Center: Ajna Circuit: Collective (Sharing) Sub Circuit: Abstract/Sensing

The energy of the Human Design Gate 11 Sun transit is all about being inundated with ideas and sharing those ideas with others. Gate 11 is associated with the visual memory of the left eye. This is the energy to visualize and contemplate. It is where possibilities are conceptualized into ideas. You may find yourself craving stimulation this week and excited about all of the ideas flowing in and around you. The concepts that arise are likely to be more imaginative or philosophical, filled with hope or despair, as they are an abstract way of seeing. They are not necessarily going to be based on logic or in reality.

Human Design Gate 11

As a part of Collective Abstract/Sensing Circuitry, this energy is about remembering the cyclical nature and richness of life’s experiences. You may notice a lot of conversations about ideas in general, including ideas from the past and whether or not they worked out. These discussions urge you to reflect on your own experiences and lessons learned.

In the higher expression of this energy, your mind seeks out stimulating concepts and then waits for the correct timing, and recognition, to share those ideas with others. By doing so you inspire others to contemplate something new or take time for self-reflection. In its lower expression, there can be fear or anxiety around not having new ideas or visions to ponder and share with others. There can also be overwhelm and burnout from seeking stimulation or attempting to move quickly to put ideas into action without checking in with your Strategy and Authority.

It is important to recognize that the ideas that come to you now are not necessarily meant to be acted upon or used to solve your personal dilemmas. Give yourself space for them to marinate. Be aware that you may find yourself under pressure to tell your stories and share your ideas impulsively, without waiting for the right timing. However, by waiting, your explanations will be more potent and you will have a better sense of who may be open to hear and benefit from what you have to share. Try to release any attachment you have to the ideas themselves and recognize that whatever happens after you share the idea is out of your hands.

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Give yourself space to see the big picture. This is a time to savor the possibilities just for the sake of enjoying the concepts as they come to you. It is also a beautiful time to assess the past year and phases of your life as we prepare for the energy of the Capricorn Solstice next week. We naturally begin considering our goals and intentions for the year ahead, and the influx of ideas is supportive of our future evolution. If you attempt to act on your ideas without following your Strategy and Authority, you can end up overwhelmed and ungrounded. Remember, the ideas are meant to be shared so that others may find fulfillment as well. Even if a concept is not correct for you, it may still be extremely valuable to someone else.

The Lines of Gate 11, from The Definitive Book of Human Design:

lines of Human Design Gate 11

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