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Human Design Gate 19 Sun Transit

Updated: Mar 9

If you have Gate 19 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you are aware of which resources are needed and being withheld from your family and community. These include food, shelter, sexual, and spiritual resources. You are also sensitive to what others need to thrive and achieve their full potential. If you turn this pressure inward, you may become oversensitive and needy, as you want to feel like you are an integral part of a group. Relationships are important to you, but so is making sure your needs are being met as well.

If your Personality Sun is in Gate 19, your Incarnation Cross will either be the Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways 4, the Juxtaposition Cross of Need, or the Left Angle Cross of Refinement 2.

Check out ​this blog post​ for a high level overview of all the Gates the Sun will transit in January. Read more about what I am referring to by the transits ​here​ in my post on the Human Design Gate 9 Sun Transit. Join my email community for informative Human Design emails and updates to my offerings.

Human Design Gate 19

Gate 19: Wanting

Center: Root

Circuit: Tribal (Support)

Sub Circuit: Ego

The energy of the Human Design Gate 19 Sun transit, in the Gate of Wanting, is all about recognizing the resources that are necessary for your family and community to not only survive but also thrive. This is part of the Channel of Synthesis, which is very sensitive to what ensures the tribe’s success and a fuel from the Root Center. That fuel exerts pressure to take care of the basic needs of food, shelter, sex, and spirit for everyone around you. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. This week you may feel the desire to support those around you, as well be supported yourself. Gate 19 energy can be so attuned to others that you sense their needs before they do, but it is Gate 49 on the other side of the Channel that actually fulfills the needs of the tribe.

Human Design Gate 19

In its higher expression, during this transit, you may see how all things are interrelated. This energy will give you the opportunity to witness how codependent you are with those around you or even with a belief system outside of yourself. Remember, while being in communion with others, it is healthier to be interdependent rather than co-dependent. This can be a nourishing time to spend in nature, with animals, or in meditation to give yourself space to reflect on where you and your community are abundant and can give, as well as where you may need added resources and support. It is natural during this week to have the urge to bargain and make deals with people or institutions who share your principles and have what you need. When those needs are met in an equitable way, interactions with others are successful and communal support and well-being is maintained.

With this energy, you might also notice yourself or other people sharing where they don’t feel their needs are being met. This comes from sensing you are contributing to a relationship or community where others aren’t pulling their weight. Gate 19 is reaching towards the Solar Plexus and interactions can be especially touchy, and emotional, if you feel there is a lack of resources at your disposal because of an inequitable exchange. In the low expression of this energy, you may feel oversensitive and needy; pushing that neediness onto others as you wonder if anyone actually cares about you. On the flip side, you can end up putting your own needs last and put others first from a place of Not-Self (proving, people pleasing, not knowing when enough is enough, etc.), ultimately causing overwhelm and burnout.

You may feel the desire to be part of a community and collaborate this week, or a pressure to bring harmony to communities you are already a part of. Now is a great time to evaluate your relationships for how balanced they are with the give and take of resources and support. Check in with yourself to see where you can share from an overflow of abundance as well as where you may be leaking resources, or focusing on unnecessary wants, instead of making sure your basic needs are provided for first. Be sure to listen to your inner Authority when you feel the pressure to meet the expectations of those you are in a relationship with. Doing so will help both parties feel truly supported and nourished. Trust that when you follow your Strategy and honor your Authority, the resources you need will be available for you. With this energy, we complete the Quarter of Mutation and the theme of purpose fulfilled transformation.

The Lines of Gate 19 from The Definitive Book of Human Design:

lines of Human Design Gate 19

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