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Human Design Gate 61 Sun Transit

Updated: Feb 19

If you have Gate 61 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you are intrigued by knowing the mysteries of life and are here to enjoy your thoughts wherever you find your mind wandering. You have the desire to seek out the mysteries, myths, and universal truths that can inspire and empower yourself and others. You don’t have to figure it all out. Trust that your inner truth, and divine inspiration, will reveal itself in its own unique timing. This is not an energy that has proof behind its knowing, and it can’t be easily explained. You may find yourself under pressure to force some kind of understanding, which can lead to anxiousness, headaches, and even eye problems.

If your Personality Sun is in Gate 61, your Incarnation Cross will either be the Right Angle Cross of the Maya 4, the Juxtaposition Cross of Thinking, or the Left Angle Cross of Obscuration 2.

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Human Design Gate  61

Gate 61: Mystery

Center: Head

Circuit: Individual (Empowering)

Sub Circuit: Knowing

The energy of the Human Design Gate 61 Sun Transit, in the Gate of Mystery, is about being here to enjoy the thoughts of your wondering mind and being intrigued by knowing the mysteries of life. This week you may find yourself daydreaming, tapping into your inner truth, and receiving divine inspiration. It is natural during this time for us to seek the answers to why we are here, ponder the universe, explore the unknown and unknowable, and even think about death and mortality. What does it all mean? How does it all work? There will be times when you find yourself becoming lost in deep thought.

There can also be uncomfortable mental stress from the pressure to recognize and know what is knowable and adds value to your life, what is knowable but doesn't matter to you, and what is ultimately unknowable and better off left alone. This is an acoustic Gate and you may find that your greatest desire is to have silence and quiet your mind as you attempt to find a way to process these mysterious inspirations and gain awareness of what is worthwhile to know.

Human Design Gate 61

With everyone experiencing this background frequency, there can be a lot of out of the box thinking which can result in moments of brilliant and life changing realizations. During this time, you may find others more willing to contemplate the mysteries of life with you. It can be a delightful escape from what is currently going on in the mundane world. When you come to an inner knowing or unique insight, wait for the right time to express it in order to feel liberated and understood. Because this is a projected energy, and Individual Circuitry, it is still best to wait to be invited to share your thoughts in order to not be seen as odd by others. Trust that your inner truth will reveal itself in its own unique timing.

In the lower expression of this energy, you may find yourself under pressure to force some kind of understanding, which can lead to anxiousness. This energy can make you restless as you experience an increase in mental pressure. You may be overwhelmed by uncertainty and worry as you try to figure out the answer to why things are the way they are. This energy can also be accompanied by melancholy over a lack of inspiration or creativity, and you may experience deep sadness while you are unable to find the spark and motivation that comes from being inspired.

Now is the time to slow down for assessment. This is the week to look inward and assess your own inner knowing as you dream about the possibilities of working with the inspirations that come through. Explore what has been fulfilling to your purpose and good for your spirit. Consider those people who have brought you closer to your truth and those who have not. Get lost in what inspires you and fantasize about the possibilities. This doesn’t mean you are meant to take action yet!

It is best to remain open during this transit. Allow yourself to find a quiet space to meditate or journal about what is running through your mind and be enlightened by any truths you discover. These “ah has “can move bring you even deeper levels of self-acceptance and the ability to embrace what differentiates you from others. You may also find a lot of things click for you to share with others as well. All of this is preparing you to lay the groundwork for the next Solar Cycle, and the New Year, when the Sun moves into Gate 41 on January 22nd.

The Lines of Gate 61 from The Definitive Book of Human Design:

lines of Human Design Gate 61

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