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Human Design Pressures of the Head Center

Updated: Mar 9

Recently, I shared the areas where fear can show up in your Human Design and how that can prevent you from truly tuning in to your Strategy and Authority. Following your Strategy and Authority are how opportunities are brought into your aura and how you are meant to make correct decisions on what to do with those opportunities. Another area that can cause us to make decisions without honoring how we were created to thrive is pressure building up within us from our two Pressure Centers: the Head Center and the Root Center.

Human Design Pressures of the Head Center

Pressure in Your Human Design: The Head Center

Without having an awareness of why we feel the need to release the pressure, we can find ourselves in a cycle of overthinking and become misaligned as we try to make decisions with our mind. The pressure of the Head Center is not here to help us make decisions, it is here to inspire us to seek and understand the nature of what it is to BE human. It is how we make sense of the past, explore the unknown, and project our predictions for the future. It is a mental playground.

Pull up your Human Design Chart and look at your Head Center (the triangle at the top of your chart).

If your Head Center is defined (colored in), you have consistent way of receiving inspiration from within. You think constantly and consistently and are a source of inspiration and information for others. You have the ability to inspire when you ask the right questions and pull a thread. You can also end up feeling overwhelmed from constantly questioning the world around you and find yourself pressuring others to answer a stream of questions when you are in your lower expression.

If it is undefined (white), you have take in inspiration from all around you and don't have a grounded, consistent way of accessing inspiration. You get a constant stream of inspiration from parents, teachers, partners, co-workers, friends, and society. You see so many possibilities, but can become lost or confused by all of the options which can cause anxiety as you seek to relieve the pressure or answer all of the questions of others. With awareness and deconditioning, over time you can become wise to how to manage your mental pressure and become highly attuned to what other people are inspired by.

Notice if any of your Gates are activated. There will be a red line (unconscious) a black line (conscious) or a combination of both a red and black line. If you experience one of the pressures associated with the Human Design Head Center regularly, but DON'T have that Gate active in your Design, you may find it helpful to look up your parents', spouse's, or close friend's Designs. It is very possible that you are taking on this conditioning from someone else in one of your undefined Gates.

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Gate 64: Confusion | Pressure: Pressure to Makes Sense of the Past, and to Resolve Chaos and Confusion

You experience constant inspiration from the past as cyclical mental images and thoughts jumble together in your mind. This can lead to uncomfortable mental stress from the pressure to organize this chaos and confusion and make sense of it. You may find that you are constantly seeking relief as you struggle to put the abstract memories of the mind into a clear linear process that can be followed through on, especially if you don't have Gate 47 active in your Ajna Center.

Gate 61: Mystery | Pressure to Know the Unknowable, Something New, or Understand Mysteries

You experience constant inspiration from a place of inner truth and knowing on a mental level. This can lead to uncomfortable mental stress from the pressure to recognize and know what is knowable and adds value to your life, what is knowable but doesn't matter to you, and what is ultimately unknowable and better off left alone. You may find that your greatest desire is to have silence and quiet your mind as you attempt to find a way to process these mysterious inspirations (What does it all mean? How does it all work?) and gain awareness of what is worthwhile to know, especially if you don't have Gate 24 active in your Ajna Center.

Gate 63: Doubt | Pressure to Make Sense of Patterns, Looking for Logic, or Looking for a New Pattern

You experience constant inspiration from patterns and you have a desire to resolve doubts and suspicions around these patterns, or find new patterns, in order to predict the future better. You are full of questions that are inspiring to others, while at the same time testing and challenging logic to be proved or disproved. This mental pressure is only relieved by utilizing a process to formulate the detailed answers you seek in order to eliminate your skepticism. This can be challenging, especially if you don't have Gate 4 active in your Ajna Center.

Whether you are Defined or Undefined in your Head Center, consider these questions to determine if this pressure is forcing you to take action that is not in alignment for you:

Do I feel "in" my body right now?

Is this my question to answer or my issue to deal with?

Does this truly need to be fixed at this moment (or by me)?

Am I trying to force something to relieve mental pressure?

Does the question I am trying to answer actually matter to me?

Is this the correct time to share my inspiration or questions?

Am I seeking for someone else to give me an answer mentally when my body has answered me physically?

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