I never wanted a daughter.

I never wanted a daughter.

That seems pretty harsh as I type it, but I have said it so many times in my life.

Gretchen was the girl name I picked out and after we had Gabriel, I breathed a sigh of relief not to have to use it.

When people asked if we were going to keep trying for a girl, I would laugh light heartedly and say, "No way! We would probably just end up with another boy." Or, "We only want two kids." Or, "I am just a boy mom!"

The truth is the thought of navigating another mother/daughter relationship terrified me.

The mother wound is real and there is still a lot of shame around it.

You didn't have be raised with abuse or neglect to come out of your childhood with a mother wound.

It doesn't mean your mother was a bad person.

As a mother myself, I know we are all just trying our best with the tools we have...and that our mothers had a different set of societal expectations and tools to contend with.

However, for many of us (raising my hand high!), the mother wound is the source of a lot of our limiting beliefs, identity, anxiety, perfectionism, negative self-talk, and more.

And that is something we can't ignore or we will continue to pass on the wounds of our mothers, as well as the generations of mothers before them.

Like anything that we heal, especially shame-based parts of our identity, it must first be brought out of the shadows and into the light.

Welcome to the light.

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