Is 2021 your year?

Our internal and external environments are a representation of each other.

That is why I am so passionate about addressing them both.

The stories we tell ourselves and the lessons we were taught, and caught, show up in how we live our lives every day.

The good news is we GET to choose and we get to change.


I didn't say it would be EASY, but the first step is realizing we DO have a choice in the matter.

Radical responsibility is the cornerstone of the process.

When we have given our personal power away for years (and decades) of our lives, it can feel like a foreign concept to choose.

We can stop blaming and start claiming.

We get to be the victor instead of the victim.

Some of us take baby steps, other take big leaps.

Many of us take strides forward, followed by some stumbling, fumbling, and tripping.

It is all good.

It is all movement towards the next phase of personal growth.

Is 2021 the year you start decluttering?

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