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Is Your Career Aligned with Your Human Design Energy Type?

Updated: Mar 9

Firstly, Happy New Year! When the Sun enters Gate 41, sometime around January 21st or 22nd each year, we celebrate the start of a new energetic year. This year Earth’s new solar cycle starts on January 21st at 8:50 pm EST.

If you have Gate 41 active in your Human Design BodyGraph, this is an energy that you experience consistently, but even if you don't have this energy consistently in your Design, it will be activated in ALL of us during the time that it is activated in the transits while the sun is in Gate 41 (January 21st to 26th this year).

Gate 41: Contraction

You like to interact with others through emotions. There is a pressure of desire that builds in you as you daydream, tap into your imagination, and feel restless to experience something new with someone. Learn to let go of your expectations of these experiences so you can flow through them and avoid becoming pessimistic about the future. You likely prefer visual stimulation where you can watch or read something that allows you to vicariously experience and feel something new.

This week you may find you have a lot of fantastical dreams and ideas and you are feeling pressure to put them all into motion.

I love the process of journaling out all of these daydreams and possibilities and then coming back to my Strategy and Authority. Because I am a Emotional Manifesting Generator, I am meant to respond and wait to make decisions after riding my emotional wave, I am at risk of rushing into things that aren't correct for me if I don't wait to see if something shows up externally to respond to around these desires. And when that happens, I meet resistance and can end up out of alignment, frustrated, and angry.

One of the things you may find yourself fantasizing about this week is your career. Are you in the role that is correct for you and allows you to fulfill your energetic purpose in an aligned way? Here are some reflections based on your Human Design Energy Type when it comes to whether or not your career, or current position, is still (or ever was!) a good match for you.

Career Insight for Generators

When looking at if a career is a good fit for you, look at how you are ending the day. Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied with how you used your energy? Do you feel valued for your contributions at work?

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Career Insight for Manifesting Generators

When looking at if a career is ideal for you, look at if you have the freedom to be multi-passionate and do all of the things that light you up. Do you feel fulfilled and satisfied with the creative flow of your work? Do you have the ability to pivot and let go of projects and commitments that worked for you at one time, but no longer do?

Career Insight for Projectors

When looking at your career, look at if you are being recognized and invited to share your gifts. Do you have the ability to honor your energy as it flows throughout the day and find periods of rest away from sacral types? Are you able to lean into your gifts as a guide?

Career Insight for Manifestors

When looking at the career you are in, look at how empowered you are to do things your way. Do you have the opportunity to remain in your creative flow without interruption and rest when you need to do so? Are you able to honor your gift of bringing new ideas to life?

Career Insight for Reflectors

When looking at the best career fit for you, look at if the space you are working in feels good to you when you are there. Do you feel your unique perspective is valued in that environment? Are you able to take time to be in your own energy when you need time alone to rest?

Energy Type is just one factor to consider when you are looking at whether or not you are in alignment with what you do for work. If you are feeling angry, bitter, frustrated or disappointed more often than not when you are at your job that is a signpost to look at whether it is truly the best place for you to be using your precious energy and gifts. When you look at your Human Design holistically you get an even clearer picture of your role.

Career and Human Design Energy Type

Jen Allen | Human Design Consultant

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