Learning to ride the wave...

Learning about my emotional waves (I have two, lucky me!) in my Human Design was one of the most impactful pieces of awareness that I gained over the last 10 months.

It literally saved my life.

I have always had emotional ups and downs that I have silently suffered through so as not to be a burden to anyone.

Most of the time, when the downs got extremely low, I could recognize that there would (hopefully!) be an end in sight.

I was able to intuitively tap into what my body needed and work through to the calm after the storm.

I never wanted to take anything to stabilize my emotions.

However, there times before I had real awareness of the purpose of these waves when they crashed HARD.

Times where I just wanted to tap out of this crazy world.

And in the middle of 2020, it happened more and more.

On top of that, the ways to calibrate back to myself were stripped away at the same time as all of the emotions of the world were running wild.

I decided to dig more into my design and learn about myself on an even deeper level because I knew none of us are mistakes and we all have a purpose here.

And I finally realized the beauty of my emotional waves and how they operate within me.

I realized that I had been numbing these waves for decades with alcohol and decided in December it was time to feel all the feels all the time.

It is a grand experiment and I gain more insight and wisdom every day!

If you want to learn the basics of your human design, join me in my free online community for women, Recognition.

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