Letting go of the "shoulds".

When you truly let go of the "shoulds", you also let go of the shame and guilt that often come with them.

It is one of the most freeing feelings in the world.

It takes practice, but I promise it is WORTH it!

Start by journaling about a "should" that is currently weighing on your mind.

Where did the belief you should do it come from?

Is it even yours?

Does it add VALUE to your life or STRESS

to your life?

Is it a necessary step to reach a goal for yourself?

Play out both sides of the equation...what happens if you do it and what happens if you don't.

Oftentimes the shoulds are based on assumptions of an outcome and we get wrapped up in all of the possibilities.

Then we become stuck, anxious, frustrated, depressed, or angry because we feel pressure to do something that isn't in alignment with our true selves.

Practice letting go of the little shoulds and work your way up.

This year I let go of the thought that, "I should send out Christmas cards and notes."

I have done it regularly since 2007 and truly felt joy in it, but the joy wasn't there this year for that activity.

It became an expectation because it was what was modeled for me growing up, but that doesn't mean it HAS to happen this year.

No one will die from not getting a Christmas card.

Also, if someone REALLY wanted to connect with me and know what is up in our lives, I am a pretty open book here!

And with that realization, I have zero stress, guilt, and shame around letting go of it.

What "should" would you like to shake?

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