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Human Design and Christianity

Updated: Nov 25

Are you worried that anything attached to astrology, including Human Design, is sinful in the eyes of Christianity? When I first started studying Human Design this was a concern brought up to me by friends and loved ones as well. Below is my personal take on it.

I believe God created the stars, heavens, and all beings in His perfect way to work in harmony together. I also believe that the universe was created by God in a way that influences Earth and all of its inhabitants, including us. The sin of separating oneself from God is in not recognizing God as the source of all creation. According to Scripture, the sin with astrology is using it as predictive in nature, or worshiping it, and trying to sidestep God’s Divine Timing.

The Bible references relating to astrology are almost exclusively found in the Old Testament, before humans had a direct line of communication to God as individuals. However, Christians now have the option for a direct relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that the Holy Spirit which speaks through them.

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The Bible makes it clear that God designed each one of us to be unique and with a specific life’s mission. For our mission to be revealed to us, we must be honest about both our strengths and weaknesses. Our individuality is divinely designed, and we benefit from recognizing that others are designed differently from us for their own missions and to keep us in harmony.

Human Design is a tool that helps you gain insight to how you are most inclined to naturally operate, as well as what your natural gifts and skills are. Living out your Human Design means learning to trust, and to have faith, knowing that you are being supported while you wait for what is correct for your unique design to show up. The Human Design System is not predictive, and it is a practice in trusting God’s Divine Timing for your design. It also can foster empathy and understanding for others who operate differently than we feel is correct (because it wouldn’t actually BE correct for us!). All the guidance I have received studying Human Design has resulted sense of peace and understanding of the larger plan for my life.

Human Design And Christianity

My 1:1 Sessions help you connect inward with your truth and, if you are a Christian, this also means to your relationship with Jesus. Like much of life, the intention with which you use the information is as important as the information itself. I believe the Human Design System has come to light now because this is the time when our human consciousness needed this information.

Of course, you should always operate in your faith how you feel most comfortable!


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