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The Deconditioning Process in Human Design

Updated: Mar 9

Experimenting and embodying your Human Design is a process. One that takes times and goes through many layers of peeling back the armor you have put on in this world as your "shoulds". Most often these show up for your in your undefined Centers, but we can also be operating unhealthily in our defined Centers as well. Really integrating your Human Design at a cellular level can take seven years because that is how long it takes for all of the cells in your body to be replaced with fresh new cells. You are literally not the same person you were seven years ago!

The Deconditioning Process

Human Design Deconditioning means revaluating all of the ways our mind thinks we have to act, speak, or be takes a lot of grace and space. It takes room to grow. It takes time. And it takes a shit ton of self trust and willingness to be radically responsible for ourselves and our own transformation.

I find that most of my clients, like myself, are drawn to Human Design because they are already experiencing a time of transition, "stuckness", or transformation. When you first learn that you are uniquely and wonderfully made, it can be an incredible feeling of recognition and a permission slip to come back to how you were created to thrive.

Then, something weird typically happens. When you actually start living your Design and being aware of when you follow your Strategy and honor your Authority, you start noticing all of the ways you self sabotage your own process. These are the ways you have been conditioned to operate by parents, teachers, authority figures, partners, friends, and society that you have taken on as truth with a capital "T". You see how you have been building your life from your Not-Self and not from your true self. This can be jarring.

The good news is is a completely normal part of transformation. This is what we call deconditioning in Human Design. I like the butterfly analogy because it is so potent.

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Caterpillar Phase

If you are just now learning about Human Design you are likely in the caterpillar phase. This can last for months to years, depending on if you are actually embodying your Strategy and Authority. It is the period of time where you are taking the information in on a mental level and starting your experiment. It is fresh, exciting, and new. You may be telling everyone about this amazing new transformative tool you have learned about. You might also be dipping in and out of gathering information or devouring it, but often what you are not doing is physically taking it in as a part of your process.

Cocoon Phase

Then, after a period of time, your resolve to actually follow your Strategy and Authority and trust yourself. However, you are likely still looking around at what others are doing. This can bring up a lot of resistance. You know you are in the cocoon phase where your whole body feels like messy goo. You feel like the butterfly phase is too far out of reach, impossible even.

You can feel like everyone else seems to be moving faster than you, doing more than you, achieving greater things than you. But what you are forgetting, when you compare your process, is that Human Design is the Science of Differentiation. You are not like any other human being on this planet. So many people are doing and achieving, but they are not living authentic lives or feeling the true peace, satisfaction, success, and surprise that comes with moving in alignment. If you are in this phase and want to keep going to the butterfly phase, it is good to seek out people who understand what you are experiencing and speak your language. The language of growth, transformation, and trusting your process. Having friends, mentors, and coaches that can support you is key. Otherwise, it is easy to fall back into old habits and patterns that your have been conditioned to feel more comfortable. Don't worry if you do though because that may be part of your journey as well!

Butterfly Phase

Eventually, as you peel back layer upon layer of conditioning and decondition the role you have allowed your mind to take on in this life you start emerging from the cocoon phase. You spread your wings a bit. You trust your path because you know that your mind is not the entirety of YOU. Your mind is simply trying to protect you and wants you to listen to all of the logic, nervousness, anxiety, and fear it presents to you based on the conditioning your have taken on through your life. It becomes easier and easier to see the thoughts that pop up as a separate entity that is attempting to act in your best interest.

It can help to tell the mind you appreciate it. It wants to be recognized. "Thank you mind for your input. I am going to check in with my body and find out what is correct for me."

The more you practice this awareness and self trust, the easier it gets see what is truly happening around you and meet less resistance along the way. You will also notice that what others do is part of their own process and find that you take what they do and say less personally. This is not to say you will never be tempted to fall back into old habits, but by becoming the observer of your decisions and what is guiding them you learn to accept yourself (and even laugh at yourself) when you see how you got off track. It is all part of your personal path to thriving in true alignment.

Human Design Deconditioning

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