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The Difference Between the Enneagram and Human Design

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The Enneagram is who you were created to be PLUS your conditioning.

Human Design is who you were created to be BEFORE your conditioning.

Both are incredible tools for self awareness.

I remember, four years ago when I first started learning about the Enneagram how excited I was.

It was so accurate!

Then my friends started learning about their Enneagram numbers.

And they were so accurate!

Then we started wondering about our kids (naturally).

But we often were stumped.

We could see certain attributes, but even those who teach the Enneagram are reluctant to type children until they are are preteens or teens.

Our Enneagram number is a tool that WE have to decipher for ourselves, or with the help of someone familiar with it.

It is formed as we take on the subconscious messages, when we are very young, from our parents, teachers, and society and adjust our natural tendencies to survive.

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Human Design is different.

It is not something we have to determine for ourselves.

It is who we were created to be...before any conditioning of this world.

It is based on your birth day, time, and location. You can't fake it.

And the accuracy blew my mind!!

None of us exactly like another human being.

Even on the off chance that someone has your exact design (which is extremely unlikely), they will not have had your same life experiences, relationships, and conditioning.

It is when we peel back the layers and conditioning that we can see who we are naturally and learn to make truly aligned decisions.

Even more exciting is we can have an understanding of how to support others in a way that is best aligned for them.

The Difference Between the Enneagram and Human Design

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