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The First Step in Creating an Aligned Business Using Your Human Design

Updated: Mar 9

One of the things I love about Human Design, is how it can help you with understanding ALL aspects of your life. It gives you truly tangible information, and application, when it comes to keeping yourself aligned with areas from business to relationship. This is really important if you are an entrepreneur and excited about creating a new business, offer, service or product.

When you build your business or offer in an aligned way, it feels good to both you and your ideal client. That is why I start with helping my clients deeply understand and embody their Energy Type's Strategy and their Authority. These are the foundations of your Design and so much alignment can happen just by honoring how your energy works and how you are meant to make decisions.

A great place to start are with these reminders on how your energy and aura operates, as well as how they show up for you in the work you do.

Generators and Manifesting Generators in Business

  • Your Strategy is to wait to respond. Pay attention to what others are asking you to help them with, or what keeps showing up as signs in your external environment.

  • Your aura is embracing and acts like a magnet that attracts opportunities to you to respond to and your business and offers have the frequency of life force energy.

  • You have the ability to inspire and empower others by working on what you are passionate about. Create offers where you can share those passions with your audience and show the transformation that is possible by working with you.

  • Make sure you are clearly communicating the transformation you provide in your marketing and showcasing your expansive energy in ways that bring you energy in return.

  • Aligned offers should give you satisfaction.

Projectors in Business

  • Your Strategy is to wait for the invitation. When you are working on what you are drawn to, focusing your energy on others will recognize your abilities and invite you to guide or lead them.

  • Your aura is penetrating, and you absorb and sense deeply the energy of others. Your business and offers have the frequency of leadership.

  • You have the ability to deeply see where your clients are, where they desire to be, and how to guide them along that path. Create offers that guide them along that path but remember you must be invited into their world to do so.

  • Less is more for you, so get laser focused on one or two offers at a time that you can market simply and where you can use your natural guidance.

  • Aligned offers should give you a feeling of success.

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Manifestors in Business

  • Your Strategy is to initiate. When you initiate, you get things started powerfully and fast, so it is important to inform anyone who may be impacted in your business or life.

  • Your aura is closed and repelling. It is dense and forceful, and actually pushes into other people’s auras, causing them to contract. Your business and offers have the frequency of powerful expansion.

  • You have the ability to bring forth something entirely new, and creative movements into this world and are here to make an impact. Those who are initiated by you are along for the journey. You do things your own way and are not here to play by the rules. Create offers that honor your bursts of inspiration in your business, that flow fast and furious from deep within.

  • Get super clear on your powerful messaging and the impact you are here to make with your offer.

  • Aligned offers give you a sense of peace.

Reflectors in Business

  • Your Strategy is to wait a full lunar cycle as you tune in and gather the physical, emotional health of an environment, person, or group.

  • Your aura is sampling, quiet, and unobtrusive. You are here to just “be” and objectively share your insights and experiences with others.

  • You have the ability to provide unique insights to your clients by embodying your ability to show them what they need to see in themselves for their own evolution. Create offers that allow you to share your wisdom, while staying fluid in your energy with some freedom built into them.

  • Share your messaging around what to expect to receive from working with you clearly with your audience.

  • Aligned offers give you a sense of surprise and delight.

You can see how the different auras, and Energy Types, have their own role. In an ideal world the Manifestors would initiate a new process, the Projects would guide the process, the Generators and Manifesting Generators would provide the energy to complete the process, and Reflectors would give feedback on how well the process is going.

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