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The Frequency of the Future & Business: Global Cycles & 2027

Updated: Mar 9

What I want to share with you today is a concept that may be hard to grasp, but it is one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping people understand their unique energy. We are alive right now in an extremely unique time and learning about who you are as an individual is going to help you navigate the energetic shift we are experiencing. Let's get into what I am referring to!

The Frequency of the Future is Changing

I was originally going to write out a ton of the scientific background of the energetics behind how we get our unique Human Design, but that would have made this email into more of an ebook, so I will break that down in the future for you (or possible as a podcast episode). So, let's keep it a little more digestible here by remembering that everything is energy and energy has a frequency.

The Earth also has a frequency in the background that impacts life on the planet. This frequency changes about every 400 years, ushering in a new Global Cycle, and during the years leading up to the change, humans start noticing things shifting and it can make things very uncomfortable. The most recent shift was in 1615. This was when the frequency of the Earth shifted from the Cross of Consciousness to the Cross of Planning. (It is called a cross because of how the positioning the the 4 Gates that make up the energy appear when looking at the Human Design Bodygraph in the mandala view.)

The Cross of Consciousness (1203 A.D. to 1614 A.D.) was about people looking beyond their physical needs and into why they are here; by questioning and testing patterns and flowing with life they rise above the desire for more experience. This was the time of exploring parts of the world previously unknown to much of humanity...think Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus. It was a time of moving out of the Cross of Rulership and shifting away from kingdoms.

Once we entered into the Cross of Planning in 1615 the frequency shifting into one of bargaining and community. "If I do this, then you will give me that." We can see the them of societal structures and systems being designed and built to support dependent relationships. In response, businesses that provided support to meet the collective needs of of many people in society grew and thrived in the last 400 years. The energy underneath this growth was a tribal energy generated by the Channel of Community. This channel brought forth the agreements between modern governments and those that are governed. Think about all of the structures we rely on every day as a community: Government programs, healthcare, education, the financial industry, insurance, etc. Now think about how many of those industries and systems feel like they are shifting or not quite working as well as they use to.

The frequency we are moving into is the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. It officially begins in 2027 and the background energy of this new Global Cycle is, "I distinguish myself from everyone else." There is a theme of expression of individualism, self-empowerment, and transformation. Instead of the tribal circuitry we have felt for 400 years, we will all feel a background frequency that supports the individual. This energy is generated by the Channel of Charisma and business that will flourish in the future will increasingly be those that meet the needs of the individual and empower them. There will be a lot more reliance on self-ownership, self-responsibility, self-sufficiency, and this requires self-awareness and self-trust. (That's a lot of self!) What happens when the systems you rely on are no longer working well and serving humanity? This is not to say community is going away, but we are starting to feel a sense of people shifting towards smaller specialized communities. Remember, we don't know exactly what will happen and we all have free will to pursue the life we desire. It is just important to remember that we are evolving into a future that will look quite different from what we have experienced this century and all of this will happen gradually over time.

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Preparing Your Business for the Energetic Shift

You have undoubtedly noticed how businesses have been shifting in response to all that has happened in the world since 2020. You have also noticed how many people have reacted to large businesses being allowed to operate while small businesses have been restricted and harmed in many ways because of government policies. You may feel the uncertainty and discord within lot of systems right now.

The way humanity is starting to define success (and abundance) is changing. It is moving away from hustling, competing, proving, and burning out to reach a certain level of financial wealth and status. It is also moving away from success being seen as doing the same thing as everyone else, including getting married, having kids, owning a large home, buying the latest car, etc. Now many people are feeling a pull to make a meaningful contribution with their work, create freedom and autonomy for where they work and when, and they are prioritizing healing, self-exploration, mental wellness, physical wellness, spirituality, and living an authentic and aligned life.

What does all of this mean for your business? It means what future clients and customers desire won't look exactly like what they did in the past and traditional, manipulative, marketing and sales techniques are going to become less and less effective in the future. It also means that how we serve our employees (our first customers!) will also be an important aspect of our business.

Think about all of the complaints from older generations about the expectations of the younger generations when it comes to work? The generation entering the workforce now wants to work more efficiently and effectively. They desire less time and work with fair monetary compensation for the value they bring...not based on hours worked. They want to be appreciated for their uniqueness and what they bring to the table. They don't want to be seen as a cog in a machine and are less willing to compromise their principles and values to settle for less.

For older generations, who were raised to put in long hours of physically demanding work in exchange for pay and promotions, this is seen as an affront and "not fair". Why should the younger generation not have to sacrifice as they did to reap the benefits? This is a pretty classes example of the shift from the Cross of Planning to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. But why should the next generation have to continue to sacrifice themselves if there is a more efficient and effective way to work? Look at the mental and physical health crisis we are in from the "traditional" way of life. A more balanced approach from well-being...and the new Global Cycle frequency will be here to support it.

What is going to be happening in the next five years is more shifting and preparation for the changing energy. This will involve a change of what work and success looks like on both a personal and business level. More and more Projectors are being born. They are the guides and leaders of the future. They are not here to hustle and put in long days of work, and they also see how the rest of the energy types can work more efficient and stop grinding themselves into overwhelm.

The way we will do business will be different. The sales and marketing that is backed in pushing on pain points and scarcity mindset is already starting to fall away. People are noticing when there is a lack of integrity behind the company and their messaging. They want authenticity, alignment, inspiration, and empowerment. Most importantly, they want transparency. Clients and customers want true support and that is not necessarily from a place of, "This is how it worked for me and I guarantee it will work for you." They will demand to be seen for who they are a require personalized services that support their individual transformation. This will potentially look like smaller scale businesses that truly meet the needs of their customers as well as the needs of the business owners.

In short, we are experiencing the (sometimes painful) shift to less overwhelm, confusion, stress, self-sacrificing and more clarity, giving from overflow, and sustainable life and work practices. This is why it is time to start learning about how you are meant to use your energy effectively and and trusting yourself to make decisions that will support your energy in the future.

Here are some great questions to start:

> What "shoulds" have you adopted from others and society that it is time to release because they don't support you?

> What are your unique qualities and gifts that you use to inspire and empower others?

> How can you design your business so that it meets your needs as an individual and supports you?

> How can you structure your business to honor the individuality of those you serve?

There are so many endless possibilities for what the future will bring and I believe it is going to be beautiful!

global cycles and 2027

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