The Highway of Self Awareness

Do you trust yourself?

When things feel unsettled in your body, it is a signal to pause and pay attention.

When the same lessons come up over and over, it is a signal to heighten your awareness of where it originates from.

Human Design is about learning what is a natural part of you and what is conditioning from external sources.

Learning to embrace and embody who you were created to be leads to greater self trust...and self trust is a huge piece of self responsibility.

Owning your shit is empowering.

It is also empowering to understand that getting off track is not always a negative.

It is pointing you toward a lesson you still need to learn.

I have advanced from learning the same lesson (presented in a slightly different form) from a 4 year experience in my 20s to a 2 year experience in my 30s to a 2 month experience in my 40s.

I call that progress over perfection, and that is what I desire for others as well!

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