The Next Level of Self Awareness

One of the big questions I get these days is, "What exactly ARE you doing right now?"

Answer: I am teaching Human Design.

I know this is a new system to most of my friends, so let me explain why I am so passionate about it.

I have always enjoyed learning about myself and other people...why we do the things we do, how we can do them better, and ways we can improve our relationships with others.

From quizzes in Seventeen Magazine to the Myers-Briggs, DISC Profiles, and Enneagram, I loved them all!

Human Design is like all of those on steroids!! It is who we were created to be and how we are meant to thrive.

The most mind blowing part to me is that there is NO QUIZ to take. It has nothing to do with me picking "the right answer".

All you need to find out your Human Design is your birth date, birth time, and birth location.

It takes two minutes!

I understand that the bodygraph chart that you receive can be overwhelming, so I have created a path to guide you through the most important pieces to understand first.

I have created free videos on Energy Type, and the Strategy associated with each, and Authority to get you started with the foundation that everything else will be built on.

Then we can go deeper together with understanding the layers of your unique Human Design through Customized Guides, 1:1 Sessions, and the Design Deep Dive Library.

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