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The "Shoulds" Voiced by Your Human Design Centers

Updated: Mar 9

I talk a lot about the "shoulds" and how powerful it is to simply start with the awareness of the voices within you. Each of your Human Design Centers is speaking to you throughout your day and sometimes they have adopted the conditioned voices of those who have raised you, teachers, society, or other outer authority figures.

And, yes, you can experience conditioning in BOTH your defined and undefined Centers!

Often the voice of our undefined Centers sounds like someone telling us we are "not enough" and should know, do, or be "more" in some way, while the voices of our defined Centers sound like someone warning us we are "too much" and we should "tone it down" to make others feel comfortable. Here are some examples you may experience based on your Design.

"Shoulds" of the Defined Centers

Human Design Centers

Undefined Head:

I should figure out the answer to this question.

Undefined Ajna:

I should have an opinion on this topic.

Undefined Throat:

I should say something to be seen in this conversation.

Undefined G-Center:

I should know who I am.

Undefined Heart Center:

I should be motivated to make this commitment.

Undefined Solar Plexus:

I should know how I feel.

Undefined Spleen:

I should stop because I am afraid of what may or may not happen.

Undefined Sacral:

I should have more energy.

Undefined Root:

I should get this done right now.

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"Shoulds" of the Defined Centers

Human Design Centers

Defined Head:

I should know what to do with this information.

Defined Ajna:

I should explain my opinions and ideas.

Defined Throat:

I should fill the silence with conversation.

Defined G-Center:

I should be more adaptable.

Defined Heart Center:

I should settle to make others feel comfortable.

Defined Solar Plexus:

I should stop feeling this way.

Defined Spleen:

I should should be more concerned about the risks I take.

Defined Sacral:

I should say "yes" to doing that.

Defined Root:

I should hurry up and not be so relaxed.

What do you do with the voices?

1) Acknowledge the voice. Thank the voice for sharing it's opinion with you. It is often trying to "protect" you in some way.

2) Reflect on what you know to be true. Tangible truth, not projections, worries, or hypothetical truths. What is true right now in this present moment?

3) Pay attention to what happens, and how you feel, whenever you listen to that voice. Does listening to that voice make you feel expansive?

4) Imagine the positive possibilities of what would happen if you listened to your inner Authority instead. What if it all works out even better than you can imagine with the limited information you have?

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