Ways you may have been conditioned to not eat intuitively for your Human Design Determination.

Updated: May 25

You were taught eating 3 meals a day is best.

You were taught family dinners together are ideal.

You were taught you should eat a variety of food.

You were taught to stop fidgeting while eating.

You were taught to finish everything on your plate.

You were taught to take in a specific amount of calories.

You were taught eating salads are healthy for everyone.

You were taught not to eat after a certain time of day.

You were taught to eat from the food pyramid.

You were taught not to eat before playing sports.

You were taught to eat breakfast every morning.

You were taught to never touch your food.

You were taught smoothies are a healthy meal.

You were taught snacking between meals is bad.

You were taught dinner should be a hot meal.

You were taught 6 small meals are best.

You were taught to restrict calories or fast.

You were taught to try new foods regularly.

You were taught to ignore hunger signals.

Determination, or digestion, is a deeper level of understanding your unique Human Design.

It can also be one of the most challenging parts of your experiment because of the layers of conditioning we gather around when, where, how, and what we eat.

This week I started an email series on the different types of Determination in Human Design so you can be aware of how you were created to get nourishment from your food.

Determination is not a diet and not meant to be restrictive in any way. Quite the opposite!

As always, the most important thing you can do as you dive into your Human Design experiment is follow your Strategy & Authority.

The second email goes out tomorrow and will also include access to the introduction video I sent yesterday.

Subscribe here to receive the Determination emails. All of the videos will be available to watch through the end of June.

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