What is abundance to you?

What makes you feel abundant?

Abundance doesn't have to be a closet full of clothes or a garage full of sports cars.

Abundance, to me, is the sense that your life is full even without without having a ton of possessions.

I find that curating what you own down to those items that you truly love and appreciate every day increases feelings of gratitude and abundance, while decreasing stress and overwhelm.

I feel abundant when I see plentiful options and choices, yet select only those that add beauty, usefulness, and positive impact to my life.

I always feel in awe and abundant in nature, but I also feel a sense of abundance when I am in a grocery store, a book store, and TJ Maxx and see all of the incredible options we have.

It is amazing to have choices, but to keep our home environments from feeling chaotic, we need to be intentional with what we buy.

In my (coming soon!) decluttering program, Release, I share 10 questions to keep in mind before you purchase anything...because clutter starts at the cash register.

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