Where is your resistance?

The "should", the "have to", the constriction, the resistance.

Can you feel it? This energy is tight.

The opposite of being in flow.

The opposite of feeling freedom and prosperity.

Your shadows show up as reactive because they are from anger or fear.

You avoid, disassociate, numb yourself, become apathetic and sabotage inwardly.

Or you lash out, blame, shame, project, and sabotage outwardly.

Everyone has shadows, those victim patterns that hold us back.

Not everyone will choose to understand and transform to access the Gift on the other side.

The first step is awareness.

You become aware of your energy, where you are using it correctly and where you are tripping yourself up.

This becomes increasingly detached and without judgement.

You observe yourself in the context of the pressures you feel. All the "I have no choice" moments where you get pulled back into a reactive state.

Once you know, and notice yourself, you can then embrace who you were created to be, have grace for where you got off track, and come back to your gifts.

Those gifts that are here to serve both you and others, and the specific victim patterns that can hold you back from operating at your highest expression.

This is where we go in the Dive Deeper Sessions.

After you learn the foundations of your energy and how you were designed to attract aligned opportunities and correctly make decisio