Who are you at your core?

How would you introduce yourself without all of your current titles?

For example:

I enjoy genuine conversations where we learn about each other and feel uplifted and motivated when we part ways.

I love anything related to water...the ocean, long baths, my hot tub, and swimming pools.

I dive deep when learning about something that excites me.

I enjoy the challenge of creating something that helps others see things from a fresh perspective.

I curate beautiful spaces and find satisfaction in doing the labor when possible.

I love to travel, have new experiences, and see new places.

I crave the energy of being with others who are inspiring and also appreciate the solitude of quiet time alone.

Notice that when you start trying to describe yourself without your roles, affiliations, titles, or job (wife, mom, teacher, Christian, Republican/Democrat etc.), you are talking about how you interact with others and the things you enjoy.

That is who you are at your core when the rest is stripped away.