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Why I Recommend Waiting to Make Your New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Mar 9

When the whole world seems to be rushing ahead to make resolutions, goals, and pick "words" for 2024, not doing so can feel countercultural. Going against the grain can certainly make you appear odd to the rest of society, but that is what living your own unique life is all about in the first place!

One thing to note about this time of year is that the end of our traditional calendar year (the Gregorian calendar) doesn't quite match up with the end of the Sun's Solar Cycle. This explains why the majority people struggle with keeping their New Year's Resolutions. In addition to resolving to do things that they feel they "should" do or need to do to "fix" themselves rather than following their true self's inner guidance, the background energy doesn't necessarily support these changes long term.

2024 Resolutions

When you start looking at the transits of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Nodes, you begin to understand that there is a powerful background frequency we are all experiencing. This shifting energy is why I recommend waiting to make your New Year's resolutions. For the past week you have been fueled by the energy of challenging patterns that are not optimal for health and well-being so that you can ensure a better future thanks to the Gate 58 transit. This means you have already started to recognize the need to correct some things in your life, and this can lead you to quickly make resolutions for exactly what you are going to start doing "better" on January 1st (and every day from now on according to your mind).

But wait! There is more to this process of creating lasting change...

Starting on New Year's Eve day the background frequency will shift as the Sun moves into Gate 38 and you will feel an inner tension as you are pulled to look at what is worth fighting for and what gives life purpose. This energy prompts you to look at your struggles and see what is not working, However, this is only a passing energy and a time of tension is not ideal for making resolutions! It is simply bringing you more awareness.

Then about 5.7 days after this the Sun enters Gate 54 and you will be prompted to look around and discover your supportive allies in this life. Those who are truly the the key to your growth and transformation as you pursue your ambitions.

And 5.7 more days later you will be empowered to recognize what truly inspires you while the Sun transits Gate 61 and you naturally begin to dream about the possibilities of working with those inspirations.

After another 5.7 days? That is when you are witnessing your limitations thanks to Gate 60. Which limitations are based in reality and which ones are illusions that you have been conditioned to believe? This is the energy to release the past so that you can better understand how to move forward in the next year.

Finally, on January 22nd at 2:18 pm UTC you will experience the true Solar New Year because that is when the Sun enters Gate 41. With it begins 5.7 days of the energy that is supportive for fantasizing, dreaming, and then narrowing down what you are hoping to make possible in the year ahead.

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Oh, and when you're making those resolutions? Make them with your Human Design in mind so that you are aligning yourself with the path that is truly meant for you! If you are someone who is constantly making a resolution to be more consistent in certain areas of your life, you may find this blog post about routine through the lens of Human Design interesting.

Keep in mind that most of us are meant to wait before jumping into big changes and around 50% of people are Emotional Authority. This three week period and be a great time to practice waiting and letting gathering more information before deciding what resolutions to make and how to move forward. You can use this time to play with little changes, without making big public declarations or promises to yourself, to see how you feel about the adjustments as you move into January. This is especially important for those of you with undefined Egos! Give yourself a lot of grace and space by understanding that you are just in a trial period of what a shift may look like in your life.

If you have been following your Strategy and Authority for a bit you realize that you don't need to wait for a specific point in time, other than what is correct for you, to take action. You don't require an arbitrary date on a calendar to make changes... you make them when your body is ready according to your Strategy and Authority. This post is simply meant to infuse some awareness into why we do the things we do, how the background energies work to move us along a collective trajectory, and what may be more supportive to you along this journey.

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