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Why You May Struggle with Routine

Updated: Mar 8

So many people started 2022 with the best intentions, and many of those intentions often revolve around a desire to be consistent. However, what most people fail to realize is that consistency is different for everyone. In fact, consistency and structure don't actually serve every single person. Forcing yourself to be routine may actually be hampering your creative flow and alignment if you working against your design because you think you "should". You can fall into the comparison trap when it comes to feeling that you aren't consistent or routine enough, and there are several different places in your energetic chart, the BodyGraph, that indicate you may find it challenging to emulate your favorite consistency guru.

Dependent Design Variable

Let's start by taking a look at the Dependent Design Variable. This is the top left arrow when you are looking at your Human Design BodyGraph.

If your Dependent Design Variable points left, you have an active brain and your brain prefer prefers to digest food and information with structure & consistency. You do best with a routine and a consistent pattern. Try to eat using regular meal times and keep a regular work or study schedule to see how this makes you feel.

If your Dependent Design Variable points right you have a passive brain and your brain prefers to digest food and life in a more flowing and spontaneous way. You do best with flexibility throughout your day. Try to follow your whims and intuition when it comes to meal, work, and study times and see how this makes you feel.

Gate 15, Gate 5, and The Channel of Rhythm

Whenever someone tells me they are struggling with routine, I look to see what they have going on in this part of their chart. Oftentimes, they have the Gate of Extremes and their not-self is telling them that life would be more satisfying, successful, and peaceful if they could only be consistent and have a set routine... the fixed patterns of Gate 5. However, if they have Gate 15, they are likely not going to naturally be a routine person, and many times all it takes is understanding that their energy is designed to work with their own flow to relieve some of the pressure they have been feeling. It can also be helpful for them to be around Gate 5 individuals because together they electromagnetically create the Channel of Rhythm. The Channel of Rhythm determines the flow of the the group and has the potential to determine the course the group takes.

Gate 15: Extremes

You prefer to do your own thing in your own time, and your own way and you also accept other people doing things their own way and bringing diversity. You may find it hard to be routine, unless you also have Gate 5 or another routine oriented part of your design, and likely dislike having to be anywhere at a specific time. You remind us it is okay to be different and have a nonjudgmental acceptance of how diverse we all are. You are deeply connected to nature, people, animals, and plants.

Gate 5: Fixed Patterns

You feel like your life runs more smoothly with set routines and rituals, although they may ebb, flow, and change depending on the season of your life. There is an energy in this Gate that wants to go, but also needs to respond and not react. It is all about correct timing and staying true to your own inner rhythms to stay in flow, vital and healthy. Don’t let others lure you away from your natural rhythm. This can make you physically, mentally and emotionally destabilized.

The Channel of Rhythm (5-15)

You have your own sense of timing and inner rhythm as you follow the patterns and routines that are guided by your Sacral's response. As long as you stay aligned with your personal flow, and follow your Strategy and Authority, what you do feels effortless and natural. This energy even benefits those around you as you bring them into their own rhythm and timing. You magnetize others and draw them into a continuous and flexible flow and, collectively, this social flow provides us many opportunities for bonding. as we flow together and live authentically.

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Gate 9, Gate 52, and The Channel of Concentration

Another set of gates that can cause frustration if you are trying to create consistency and routines when it comes to actually sitting still to actually do the work you have set out to be routine with are the Gates of Focus, Stillness, and the Channel of Concentration. You may be able to focus in short bursts and then need a break or you may be able to sit still, but find yourself unable to actually focus on what you feel you "should" be doing in the moment if it doesn't interest you in the moment. However, if you have the full channel and are into the work you are doing, you can really concentrate and help others do the same!

Gate 9: Focus

You have a strong attention to detail when something is worthwhile and important to you. You have the stamina to formulate and test solutions until one satisfies you and see things through to completion when you are using your Strategy and Authority correctly. Sometimes you may focus on things that are unimportant and are unable able to concentrate on the larger task at hand or, if not aligned, you struggle to focus your energy for long enough to make an impact.

Gate 52: Stillness