Your Energy Type's Strategy, Signature, and Not-Self

I loooove a good deep dive into Human Design info, but the truth is we all start off in the shallow end with a set of floaties.

One of those floaties is understanding your Energy Type along with its Strategy, Signature, and Not-Self.

Your Strategy is how your energetic aura is designed to interact with the world and when you are honoring and embodying this energy, you will attract aligned opportunities to you.

Your Signature is the the feeling indicates that you are in alignment with your Strategy and your energy is being used correctly.

Your Not-Self (what you are trying to avoid) is a red flag...a wake up call that something is energetically "off".

Maybe you said "yes" to something that didn't light you up, or you tried to promote your plan without first being recognized and invited, or you forgot to inform others around you about the action you were taking.

Now you're in the strong undertow of life and feeling frustrated, bitter, angry, or disappointed.

Once you are aware, you can begin swimming parallel to the shore as you work on getting back to where you need to be energetically safe and sound!

Find out your Energy Type to better understand how you are meant to operate in this world!

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