Your home is a sacred space.

I want everyone to feel their home is a sanctuary. A place that invites those in it to relax and feel the stress of the world disappear.

I have learned recently that minimalism is a dirty word for a lot of people.

It makes them think of a home that is cold, extremely modern, and devoid of comfort.

This is why I like the idea of Intentionalism.

You don't need to get rid of everything thing in your home to feel like you have more time, energy, and peace.

You just need to be intentional about what actually gets to stay in your space and why.

This goes for everything you watch, read, spend time talking about, who you give your time and energy too, and on and on.

For example, as I get older, I have less energy for people that have problems to every solution. When I realize the conversation can't be shifted, I politely find a way out of it entirely.

I have one mind, one body, one family, and one home. I am the gate keeper of what is let in. And so are YOU!

What do you want to be more intentional about this coming year?

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