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This 4:17 minute audio describes the energy of the Left Angle Cross of Limitation 1.


The Incarnation Cross is composed of four Gates: your conscious Sun, conscious Earth, unconscious Sun, and unconscious Earth. These are the first two Gates on either side of your BodyGraph Chart. When they are viewed in the Rave Mandala perspective of your Human Design BodyGraph, they make the shape of a cross.


In Human Design, your Incarnation Cross speaks to your energetic life purpose. It is your way of being that adds value to the human collective. How you live out your energetic life purpose has to do with your Energy Type, Profile, the unique gifts and challenges associated with your Design, and your personal life experience.


As a left angle cross, you carry a transpersonal destiny and are deeply connected to the other. Through relationship with others, you bring your impact to life. You may find you experience everything from deep and meaningful friendships to chance encounters that are all important to your process. You are likely very conscious that it is your connection with others that will lead to fulfillment of your energetic life purpose.

Left Angle Cross of Limitation 1

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