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This 3:27 minute audio describes the energy of the Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx 1.


The Incarnation Cross is composed of four Gates: your conscious Sun, conscious Earth, unconscious Sun, and unconscious Earth. These are the first two Gates on either side of your BodyGraph Chart. When they are viewed in the Rave Mandala perspective of your Human Design BodyGraph, they make the shape of a cross.


In Human Design, your Incarnation Cross speaks to your energetic life purpose. It is your way of being that adds value to the human collective. How you live out your energetic life purpose has to do with your Energy Type, Profile, the unique gifts and challenges associated with your Design, and your personal life experience.


As a right angle cross, you carry with you a personal destiny and it is correct for you to be self-involved and self-absorbed. Remember, there is no good or bad in Human Design. This is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about. That is the conditioning you have received. By being interested in your own process, you are providing something needed by your community and the collective. If you resist your nature and attempt to be something you should not be, the rest of humanity is missing out on the true potential you have within.


Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx 1

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