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I bet when you picture your next level self, she isn't surrounded by clutter and chaos. 
If you are ready to let go of the identity and self talk that keeps you in clutter, this program is for you!

What makes the Release decluttering method unique?

During the process, you will be actively shifting your identity from someone who has a cluttered, chaotic home to someone who has a peaceful environment that supports their personal and professional goals.


You will become someone who is intentional about decluttering, purchases, habits, and routines to create calm in a place where chaos used to exist.

  • Do you start every day in a state of stress and overwhelm?

  • Do you find yourself anxious and running late for things?

  • Do you have a lot of clothes, but feel like you have nothing to wear?

Release is a self-led, online program that’s perfect for you if you’re short on time, overwhelmed, and finally ready to cut the clutter for good!

Decluttering your home will take time and effort, but it takes a LOT less time and effort with the right mindset and tools.

My program helps you clear more clutter in less time with less decision fatigue than you have likely experienced tackling it in the past.

This time things really can be different.


Here is what's included:


  • 12 encouraging videos explaining the editing process for each space

  • Journal prompts to help you embody your next level self

  • Common Clutter checklists for each room to help you identify the clutter

  • 10 questions to consider when deciding what to keep and what to let go

  • 10 bonus decluttering questions when it comes to editing your wardrobe

  • 10 questions to consider when shopping in the future

  • Habits and routines to keep you on track

What happens after you sign up for Release?

When you click the link to sign up for Release, you’ll be prompted to create a log in for the members only portion of this website. 

Then you’ll have immediate access to the program!

If any issues pop up along the way (or if you have a question), you can email me Aligned Interiors Co. at and I’ll be happy to help.

Make sure you add this email address to your approved contacts so that my follow-up informational and inspirational emails don't end up in your junk mail!

Picture this..

  • Having a clear picture of who you are growing into at your next level.

  • Truly loving everything in your environment.

  • No longer running late because you can't find something.

  • Getting back more free time with less to pick-up clean and maintain.

  • Feeling at peace, relaxed, and content in your home.

  • Feeling confident instead of overwhelmed when you start your day.

  • Knowing that your space supports your personal growth journey.

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