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What if you had a way to understand everything about yourself and your life. . . 


. . . information that made all the puzzle pieces fall into place and all the past moments finally make sense? 


This book is your guidebook to that kind of transformation. 


25 powerful coaches, healers, and practitioners have come together to share their Human Design stories, experiences, and life-changing tools with you. Human Design is a combination of ancient and modern science, and provides profound insight into your human nature, ultimately assisting you in every decision you might make in your life. 


The goal is to bring you more passion, purpose, ease, and joy. Because doesn’t everyone want the secrets to that kind of goodness? 


All orders will receive my

Human Design Gate Guide as a bonus gift!


Gates are the numbers lit up, or activated, on your Human Design Bodygraph chart. You experience all 64 Gates to some degree, but the active Gates are energies you feel consistently, and they give insight into your gifts, strengths, personality, challenges, and themes in relationships. 

This offer is only available for those ordering in the United States because I ship them directly to you. If you would like to order this book, but are in another country, you can get it here.

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