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Human Design Book Resource List with Links

Updated: Apr 26

As an Investigator Martyr (1/3 Profile) in Human Design, I love to dig deep into what is currently exciting me in order to build a secure foundation. For the first couple of years I was learning the Human Design System, I spent a lot of time bouncing around the internet trying to figure out where all of the the different resources are.

To save you some time, I have compiled this extensive list of Human Design Book Resources with links on where they can be purchased. Click on the any of the book pics below to link to where to purchase them:

Books for beginners:

Books on Human Design in Real Life experiences:

(The book I co-authored in 2021.)

Course books for study of the system:

More source material books for even deeper study:

Additional Human Design resource books:

The Gene Keys books:

Jen Allen | Human Design Consultant

1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator

Channel of Inspiration

Channel of Openness

Channel of Surrender

Channel of Mating

Hope Motivation + Possibility View

Quad Right


1 Comment

Thank you so much for the list 🌸

I am looking for information on the connection to astrology which is my field.

I can see that the astrology-wheel is connected to the I Ching- Wheel, thats how the gene key numbers appear, but why is the numbers in the different centers, and how do we know the meaning of each key?

I mean my consios sun is in 18.55 degree Libra, that is translatet to 57,5 in human design, 57 is in the spleen center, but why?

And where does the number after the dot comes from?

I am sorrry for alle my questions, I am a 5/1, I have to know why, I can not just accept that someone…

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