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Human Design Circuitry: Abstract/Sensing Circuit

Updated: Mar 9

We have reached the final circuit of the circuitry series, the Human Design Abstract/Sensing Circuit and now you will have gained an understanding of the underlying energy of all of the Human Design Gates and Channels!

If you would like to start at the beginning of this series, I recommend to you start with this blog post. Also, you can quickly look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of the type of energy you each carry for here (for FREE!): Discover Your Design.

The Abstract/Sensing Circuit: Sharing

If you have definition in the Abstract Circuit, also called the Sensing Circuit, you will find your deepest fulfillment in life is through experiences. You are here to dive into new experiences and, once they are over, reflect on everything they taught you. The format energy for this circuit is the Channel of Maturation (53-42), which is about cycles. Experiences are cyclical with a beginning, middle, and end, and through this process you discover what it means to be human.

As a sub circuit of Collective Circuitry, this energy is about sharing. Sharing your experiences, reflections, emotions, and all you have learned from the past to benefit the rest of us. You enjoy change and may find that when life becomes too stagnant, or when your expectations of an experience don’t bring the change you hoped for, you feel restless and bored. You may even find yourself creating a crisis to spice things up again and bring change into your environment. One of the best things you can learn to do is to enjoy the experience for the journey itself instead of attaching yourself to expectations of specific outcomes. This is a lesson in patience, as clarity only comes with time, and you will find life is best lived with a sense of humor.

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Human Design Abstract Sensing Circuit

In our current world, it can feel like learning through the abstract process is not as highly valued as learning through the logical process. The abstract process can appear messy and unnecessary to those that don’t have this energy. However, this is extremely important circuitry and a key component of the evolution of humanity. When those reflections of an experience are shared with others, they then flow into the logical process in order to explore if there is a pattern that can be duplicated for others.

While you are in the experience, you may feel confused and like you should be able to make sense out of what is happening. Relax and know that it simply doesn’t work that way. This becomes much easier as you learn to observe your life as if you are watching a movies where you happen to be the main character. This energy is all about plot twists! The value of the experience and what you are meant to discover from it will become apparent once it is complete. That is when you will have the ability to weave the tale of what happened in a way that illuminates the past as a lesson for others. This energy is not about success or failure, but the discovery process itself. Because of this, it is extremely important for you to follow your Strategy and Authority when entering new experiences

Abstract/Sensing Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Recognition (Gate 41 to Gate 30) - Root to Solar Plexus

Channel of Transitoriness (Gate 36 to Gate 35) - Solar Plexus to Throat

Channel of Abstraction (Gate 64 to Gate 47) - Head to Ajna

Channel of Curiosity (Gate 11 to Gate 56) - Ajna to Throat

Channel of Discovery (Gate 29 to Gate 46) - Sacral to G-Center

Channel of Maturation (Gate 53 to Gate 42) - Root to Sacral

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Abstract Sensing Circuit

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