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Human Design Circuitry: Defense Circuitry

Updated: Mar 9

I am continuing to share about the different types of energetic circuitry found in the Human Design Bodygraph. We are now diving into the other sub circuit of the Tribal Circuitry, Human Design Defense Circuitry.

If you would like to start at the beginning, there is an introductory blog post you can read here. Also, you can quickly look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of the type of energy you each carry for here (for FREE!): Discover Your Design.

The Defense Circuit: Support

The two channels that make up the Tribal sub circuit of the Defense Circuit create an image of a cradle within the Bodygraph. This visual can help you remember the role of this circuitry, as it is all about creating new life and preserving that life. The energy of Defense Circuitry ensures our future as a species, often at the expense of our own personal lives, and it can create chaos in its wake.

The main goal of this energy is to make sure the family is safe, happy, educated, and well-fed. It is not concerned with what is happening in the rest of the world. If you have the Defense Circuit activated in your chart you have the ability to break into other people’s auras and compel them to work together to follow the rules of the tribe. You may find yourself trying to fit in and be like everyone else. You may also feel a sense loneliness and a deep belonging to need to belong somewhere if you don’t have a tribe.

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With this energy, you are designed for bonding, sensuality, sexuality, nurturing, and defending your tribe. You are here to play a role in how you pass on your genetic potential, intelligence, and love to future generations so they can survive and thrive. This energy provides resources, values, rules, and responsibilities for the tribe, and covers activities related to raising children, taking care of the elderly, and cooking to provide nourishment for all. Your energy has the ability to pull others into the heart of the community and if you have either of these Channels defined, they strongly impact the rest of your energy.

Human Design Defense Circuitry

This energy is generated and has to be sustainable in order to effectively raise children to survive. This is love that drives us to nurture them and be deeply invested in the outcome. This is called the Defense Circuit because within it is also the energy to protect and defend the resources of the tribe and the tribe itself. With both sex and defense, it is important that this energy is used intentionally because the consequences can be life changing.

If you have Defense Circuitry it makes the rest of your chart more Tribal, even if you have strong Individual Circuitry as well. You will still enjoy doing your own thing but find yourself constantly pulled back into your family, community, and other groups because they need your support as well. You likely feel good about committing to help others, as long as it is not codependent. You may find yourself drawn to working in a caretaking or service-based profession.

This energy is a balance of Spleen Center’s awareness of what it takes to nourish and provide for others, a more feminine energy, with the Solar Plexus Center’s emotional desire for intimacy and deep knowing, a more masculine energy. Remember, if you have this energy defined, that it is important to be mindful of your own needs. You may be prone to giving too much of yourself or getting lost in powerful emotions, so always follow your Strategy and honor your Authority to stay in alignment.

Defense Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Mating (Gate 59 to Gate 6) - Sacral to Solar Plexus

Channel of Preservation (Gate 27 to Gate 50) - Sacral to Spleen

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Defense Circuitry

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